8 Ways To Master Christmas Party Without Breaking A Sweat

It’s the most wonderful time of year!

We started to see girls and boys selling lanterns on the streets.  Some famous places in the metro already launch their versions of dancing lights in the tune of different Christmas songs.  National roads have more terrible traffic jams and shopping malls and “tiangge” are also filled with people buying special gifts for each other.  As the occasion is nearing, we already received several invites for a Christmas gathering or some might be already planning to host one for their clan’s annual get-together.  

If you are the host of the year, here are some ideas to consider to have a well-planned Christmas party for your colleagues or families.  Plan ahead like a pro!


Party themes nowadays are very important whether you’re planning a wedding, birthday party, Christmas party or the like.  Having a particular theme may narrow down your thoughts and just align your ideas in the chosen topic. If you’re the head of the party committee, you may opt to ask the other members for suggestions and brainstorming or if you’re the host for the family reunion this year, you may just send an invite to them, announcing that you’ll be hosting a themed party for the year.  Some famous themes to consider are, Retro, Gatsby, Coachella, Bohemian, Masquerade, among others.


If you’ve already picked a theme, it’s just right to think of the party venue.  You may book a hotel ballroom or a big restaurant if you’ll be having a company party.  Your own space or maybe a residential clubhouse with function rooms will do if you will have a party for your family or small group of people only. Just be reminded that once you decided on the venue, you have to reserve it right away since it’s peak season and most of the people are also looking for the best event venues.


The actual party date and time should be decided together with the booking of the venue so you won’t encounter closed booking if you prefer to decide for it later.  Most dates which are taken are on weekends and in the afternoon or dinner slots so hurry up in deciding with your team or family.


So, you’re done with the theme, you already booked the venue with your desired date and time slot. Now, to get the party started, you have to layout a party program.  You don’t want your party to be dull and boring, right? Some companies, hire a professional host for their party. These hosts are already prepared with their spiels, activities and props that they’ll be needing to make your company party alive and memorable.  But of course, these professional hosts comes with a price, and if you are expecting to have a mind-boggling-after-party shock, it may be expensive to hire professionals. So if your Christmas party for your family is just a DIY, you may opt to just do the program outline yourself and give the hosting work to your most bubbly and outspoken family member.  Your DIY program may include, registration (if you’re quite a big family), ice breaker game, lunch or dinner, exchange gifts or gift-giving, more party games and maybe a few raffle prizes. You may also give small tokens or gifts to those who will participate in the games and special gifts for the winners.


When you say party, you expect food, food and more food to eat in the whole party time.  In a corporate party, they usually hire a food caterer who will also setup the venue with tables and chairs and decorations that are fit for the theme.  These food concessionaires, usually have food packages with specific rates that you can choose from. Hiring them is hassle-free but it may cost a little bit higher since the menu is already complete with appetizers and dessert, together with the venue setup.  For your family get-together, you may agree to have food in potluck wherein each family member should bring a dish or two to the party for sharing.


If you’re well-off, you may hire someone to decorate your venue based on your theme, these may range from 5,000 pesos for the simplest (color-coordinated theme only) to up to  30,000 pesos for the most specific theme and depending on the materials that you requested them to put in the venue. But if you are a budget savvy, you can just visit google and Pinterest for ideas then DIY is the key.  A little creativity here and a lot of resourcefulness there, can go a long way, dear!


When you’re all done planning and booking, you can now announce your party venue and schedule through an invitation.  It can be a formal invitation for a formal party, an email, an image sent through social media event page or just a private message via messaging apps.  Whichever way you would like to announce the party, just make sure to receive an RSVP for the headcount so you will not get out of food or seats for those who are not in the guest list.


After all the planning, you will have to go out and braved the car traffic and people traffic to buy those miscellaneous party needs, gifts, game prizes, raffle prizes and DIY decors that you will need for the event.

You’re all set! Just a few more push for your suppliers then wait for your event to happen.  Enjoy your Christmas party and don’t forget to celebrate it with HIM! 

Happy Holidays!

a Christmas Blog by Debbie Riza Carreon

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