By: Reylyn Ramirez Juanillas


Her name is Josefa Laserna-Ramirez. She was born on March 19, 1920. She was married to Ricardo Ramirez, Sr. A mother of 10 children and bunches of grand children. We always spend time with her and make her days unforgettable. She loves to tell a story and sing her favorite childhood songs to make us laugh. We honor and respect her advice. Having a long life is not just about being physically healthy and financially capable but it also involves mental and spiritual nurturing. My grandmother is a true inspiration to others. Everybody loves her and no one can replace her unconditional love for us. I hope and pray that she could live more than a hundred years so we can always unite as one family.


Always Pray
Make sure you love God with all your heart and obey his commands. Obey His precepts and we will live a life of abundance.

Choose to eat the right food
If you want to have a long life, avoid eating instant foods. Instead, eat natural and organic foods though they are more difficult to cook or prepare.

Be happy all the time
Inspire other people and they will bless you a happy life. If you want to live long, don’t just make a choice to live a good lifestyle but STOP doing wickedness.

Live healthy not sickly
Righteousness will make a person strong and blooming like a tree, still bearing fruits even at old age. Walk if you can instead of riding a car. Be different and extraordinary in a world where the majority are living unhealthy. Do exercise, meditate and relax.

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