The Bitter Sweet Journey of a Seafarer Wife

Distance gives us a reason to Love Harder.

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We were both an overseas Filipino worker when we meet each other and after more than a year of our relationship we came home and settled down as I was a month pregnant of our first baby. Simple wedding and a private ceremony. To cut a long story short, we have now two kids and He is still in abroad providing for our family’s needs.

It wasn’t an easy journey for me being alone raising the kids and taking all the responsibility of being a mother and father at the same time. Along with a sideline of a on and off business. Many troubled and sleepless nights are too many to count. But when you are a mother, there is no way of giving up and or showing your weakness to your kids and even the difficulties between the two people trying to maintain a long distance relationship that sometimes troubles and tested under the pressure of having no good communication sometimes, may it be with the internet connections or even with the time gap.

Many people assumed that when you are a wife or a family with a person who are working abroad, they always thought of you to be the lucky one but no one ever dare asked what do you go through left alone by all the responsibility. And as we all know with the millions of Filipinos who are working abroad, 50% of it has turned into a broken one. Another thing is that some ofw kids turn into drugs, or don’t give a damn with the money a mother and father work so hard for abroad. Children this day are mostly characterized by getting into something a parent never wants them to.

As to my kids, although they are still in their young age, there is a time that I couldn’t get any excuse. With their innocent question why their father always has to go so far when we know we were always happy together, my eldest ask me one time. And it really hurts me a lot when a moment my little girl would just cry silently in one corner saying she misses her papa. Then continue asking when is he coming home? Then this is how I ended up. In the group of fhmoms looking for an alternative way I could earn without leaving my two kiddo at home and be able to provide our kids needs without my husband leaving the country. I know one day it will happen.

Our Family Journey will not end here, expect more to read about it.

Authored By:

Zosima Vargas

The Power of Your Love

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