Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall

Our life is made up of these four seasons.

Spring is the season for emergence of new life and birth. Slowly growing, developing, flourishing and eventually maturing into the person we ought to be.

Summer is the height of our lives. It is the time when we become busy and do different things. We strive to become productive as an individual, an employee, a businessman, a church member and a good citizen of the country. And then we become a wife , and a mother. For a woman, these two roles take up most of our time even to the extent of forgetting ourselves but still loving it. We cherish every moment with our children. We remember every detail from their birth to every milestone they go through, up to the time they leave the nest and develop their own wings.

And then here comes fall or as others call it, autumn. Midlife. Others even call it ‘midlife crisis’, but for me, autumn is a transformation to something beautiful. It is a time for self love. Gone were the fast paced days, the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Instead I find peace and calm and time to think of what I want to accomplish for the remaining half of my life. Perhaps get updated to the latest trends in fashion, travel, learn a new hobby, or even learn new skills. Midlife doesn’t mean your mind and body can’t do more, but it means you are more experienced and mature to face what life has still to offer. Look back to what you have achieved. Let the beautiful memories and bitter pain be your motivation to make it better in autumn. rest, slumber. a standstill, the end, and death.

But I’m not yet ready to talk about winter because I’m still enjoying my autumn.

esperanza o. carino

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