Luke 1:37

“ For nothing is impossible with God.”

To a person struggling this is a hope to never give up, in sport it is a word to achieve your goal, in religion it is a faith to God. As for me, it is my experience that all I can say  “ NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! “

It all started when I  got married. I was diagnosed with the poly cystic syndrome. I have 10 small cysts both in my left and right ovary. Bearing a child was impossible for me but with prayer and faith in what God has promised, He has given me a child. I’ve experienced being a mom for the very first time. I struggle with how to take care of my child when my husband is out of the country to provide for our needs. I never have help from anyone. But was able to endure the hardship of taking care of a child, breastfeeding, household chores, and everything all by me. By being positive and having faith in God that He is with me along the way.

After 3 years my husband and I are having financial problems we did not have a house,  differences and being away from each other is hard. Plus health issues I was diagnosed with goiter in September 2018. The medicines are expensive, plus the laboratory test that I have to undergo. I know my husband needs help. Our house was taken away, our financial is not stable and again have to take medicines all over again.

Sometimes even you have faith, you will still worry about life about the future but thinking again if I will be affected by what is happening now and be disappointed it will not help our family. My inlaws offer a house we transfer to the province, but still thinking about how can I help?

I didn’t finish college. My experience is in a Factory Worker in Taiwan. What job will be available for an undergraduate like me? Then I don’t know how I was been added to Filipina Home-based Mom page in 2018. I watched the webinars, I read all the stories of moms like me, but still doubting if I can?

February 2019 I convince my husband to get an installment laptop so it will be easy for me to study the freelancing world. April 2019 I enrolled in the Cool Program beginner’s course. Still learning I save money to enroll in E-commerce Course in May 2019 even struggling financially I prayed that God’s favor and trusting he will provide for our needs. Still, I am not that confident to apply. During that time I am confused if I will continue to pursue a home-based job or i will go back to Taiwan. My husband supports my decision to go back abroad to help with our needs. But how about my child? Who will take care of her? She is so young and still needs my guidance and care. I was torn, thinking and praying to make the right decision. 

Until my mentor in Ecom ask for an apprentice in June 2019. A friend says I can be an apprentice during that time I was out in practice for our Sunday service in the church. When I got home I was accepted as an apprentice.i was overjoyed that believing that this is the answer for what I have prayed for. After 4 days I was employed as Ecom Virtual Assistant! From July till now I was able to help my husband for our family’s needs and saved for our future plans. I am enrolled in the Virtual Assitant course, learning and investing in myself more. I can take care of my daughter and able to see her grow. And just this October the good news, I was healed from goiter, all lab test is normal. Thank God!

I was amazed by how a simple prayer works if you believe and have faith. I have no experience, I am an undergraduate, I am not confident, I am weak, I have fears and doubts but I have a helper, we do have a helper. We have God.

 I remember my favorite life verse in Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” We need to stop saying, “I can’t do it” or it’s impossible”, just because something is hard or difficult. Just because something is hard, doesn’t mean it is impossible. No matter how painful, hard or difficult they were.

Truly nothing’s impossible for God. Regardless of what obstacles are in your life, God is in control. The key to making it through the tough times is surrendering them to God. When you surrender, you give everything to Him and trust that whatever seems impossible actually is because of His grace. He is awesome and mighty and the more you put your faith in Him the better off you are. Never believe the report of man but always trust that God has the final say. So rest in knowing that nothing is impossible because you’ve got God and He will always make the impossible possible.

A true story by Emie Valdez

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