The beautiful Island of Palawan

They say that Palawan is the last frontier, and its absolutely true. We have the world class beaches and islets. Let me show you some of the best destination here in our place.

This is the Club Paradise at Coron Palawan.
This is the Twin Lagoon that you can visit at Coron Palawan
Kayangan Lake also in Coron, Palawan
One of the beaitiful beaches in El-Nido, Palawan
And the famous Underground river in Sabang, Puerto Princesa
Pink sand at Comiran Island located in Balabac, Palawan

If you could visit the other beautiful beaches in San Vicente, Taytay, Dumaran, Cuyo, Port Barton, Balabac island. Its really a beautiful, amazing creation of God indeed. Aside from the vast, tall green tress in the mountains we have a lot of animal wildlife here, and ohh! i forgot to mention, according to geologist, Palawan has no fault line it means that “no earthquake” and also we seldom experience typhoon. So what are you waiting for? Come and visit Palawan and experience our unique culture, astonishing beaches and our warmth welcome… see you!

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