Easy No Bake Blueberry Cheesecake

I’m a cake baker wanna be ever since I was a kid . I tried baking mini cakes in our oven toaster using the recipes I got from Maya’s packaging. Maya is one of the famous brand here in the Philippines when it comes to pancakes, and they also have a pre-mixed powder for making banana cake and chocolate cake.

Recently, I saw a no bake recipe of Blueberry Cheesecake that I would like to share. I really wanted to try this no bake blueberry cheesecake, since this is one of my favourite. I was very excited to try and see if it really works, because it claims to be 99.9% fail proof and no whipping required. I hope you can also try this easy steps.

1 cup crushed graham crackers
1/4 cup butter
1 pack cream cheese
1 pack all purpose cream
1 pack unflavoured gelatin
3/4 cup/pack condensed milk
1 egg
Blueberry filling (blueberry jam will do)

1. Combine butter and graham crackers in a bowl. Press into a spring form pan. Chill until set.
2. Combine cream cheese, condensed milk and all purpose cream in a bowl.
3. Transfer the mixture to a cooking pot and bring to simmer.
4. Add dissolved gelatin and mix until boiling.
5. Remove pot from fire. Add and mix the beaten egg while mixture is hot. Don’t worry the egg will be cooked because it is very hot.
6. Pour mixture into prepared crust and decorate on top with blueberry.
7. Put inside the fridge. Chill until completely set.

There are many variations of cheesecakes nowadays, like Oreo cheesecake and Mango cheesecake. By using this no bake cheesecake recipe, you can get creative with your own flavours and delight in this smooth, luscious, melt-in-your-mouth dessert.

Jessel C. Alejandro

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