As a mother, we have a lot of tough situation and a lot of offenses in our life. I want to level it from light to heavy and list only four from hundreds of offenses. I was inspired by the preaching of the Pastor Todd and I want to share it.

Some of us or maybe all of us experienced being rejected or being ignored, isn’t it? The pain of being ignored is so frustrating. For me, being ignored is worst than being rejected. At least, being rejected is you know where to stand. For example… “somebody didn’t like your idea” well, do better next time, or somebody doesn’t like the way you talk, etc.. ah, you can improve whatever it is. But being ignored is like sending message to somebody and you know she/he received and read it, (because of notification that she/he seen your message) but say nothing. No response at all!

The next level of offense is, you were hurt by the person/people that very near or dear to you. You thought that they are the source of your help and joy but they are the source of hurt instead.

The next is that people around you treat you that you are insignificance. A feeling of “I don’t belong, I don’t have a place, I cannot do that or do this, I am not a priority”.

The hardest offense is insulting. That after they say insulting words you feel worthless, no value or better not exist.  

Sometimes, you think that after those offenses you cannot over it. You feel like drowning. To some who cannot handle, end their own lives and that’s the saddest part of life. 

But instead of bathing yourself to the pool of grieve and pain, look for the bright side of it. Even in Bible history, Jesus said, “It is impossible that offenses will not come, It is like breathing”. So, don’t allow yourself to swallow by negative feelings and lure you to do negative action. 

If you’re rejected, well there are million other opportunities out there and the least is, you have two slots waiting to take you in. 

If you were ignored, Just try your best next time. Maybe they have their own struggles also. Being persistent has always a reward. Do what you love to do and excel in it. Those who ignore you today will admire you later. If not, so be it!.

Have you been hurt by your loved ones? Ohh.. stone in the rapid water rub each other and the outcome is stunning! They become smooth and shiny. Just don’t give up on them, always provide a room for forgiveness. You feel that you’re insignificance? Always put in mind that there is always time for every season, your good result is yet to come. 

Lastly, if you are insulted, all the more that you should fix yourself. Think about what is best for you? where are you good at? Just put in mind that those offenses are ladder so that you can reach your goal in life. 

One important thing. Build yourself in the promises of God. He loves you and doesn’t want you to perish. Put God in the center of your life and you will find out that those offenses are only a ladder to your success.

by: Acesa M. Rivera

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