It was not easy, but I was never alone.

So it is my first time to write a blog. I did not know what to write about at first, but since we all have our “hugot” in life, here is what I am about to share…

I was in my early 20s when I was diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus in April 2016. The doctors could not rule out at first if it is Type 1 or Type 2 DM. It is a disease without any cure as of the moment and needs lifetime maintenance medication. It can lead to various complications if not managed well.

So how did I know I have diabetes?

I graduated from a medical-related course that is why I have a little bit of background on the signs and symptoms of diabetes. In December 2015, I already felt the 3P’s of diabetes: Polydipsia (increased thirst), Polyuria (increased urination) and Polyphagia (increased appetite). At first I thought I was just overworked and exhausted that’s why I was experiencing all those. Then March 2016 came, I was on a trip in Palawan at that time. I noticed that the frequency of the 3Ps that I mentioned before increased even more. With my curiosity getting bigger and bigger, I searched online on what could be the possible causes of these. That’s where I had a hint that it could be diabetes. I prepared myself and prayed to God for His guidance and to give me courage to face whatever disease or condition it might be. I had an unhealthy lifestyle, family history of diabetes, has really sweet tooth and BIG appetite, that’s why I really had to worry. In April 2016, I did series of laboratory tests and then tadaaaa it was confirmed! I have diabetes! The moment the doctor confirmed my condition, I was in disbelief. I thought I was prepared enough to hear the diagnosis, but I was wrong. I asked myself, I asked God, Why me? Why out of many curable diseases, why should it be diabetes? I was at the peak of my career. I was energetic, driven to achieve my goals. I was young. But why? Then I began to think of the expenses that I would incur in order to sustain the maintenance medications, the follow-up check-ups, laboratory tests and so on. I thought about my future living with diabetes, the complications that might possibly come. I thought about a lot of things, about all the negativities (I’m such a Nega Star! haha) and then began to cry. I tried oral tablet medication at first, but due to my high blood sugar level and my disobedience (I’m hard headed yes I know!), I had to switch to insulin injection. I went to several doctors, tried various insulin brands, prick my fingers several times a day to monitor my blood sugar level and inject insulin twice to thrice a day to maintain my ideal blood sugar level. Initially, I was the one to inject myself and used to cry everytime I did it incorrectly. My fingers became numb everytime I had to prick to check my blood sugar level. I had to worry about finances everytime I ran out of stocks of my insulin and needles. My first year of living with diabetes was full of worries, indenials and uncertainties.

Then came 2017. I learned that I was pregnant. When you’re pregnant and have a diabetes, there could be a possibility that your baby could grow bigger, have other complications and be more prone to cesarian section delivery. I became much worried. Can I manage my disease well even for just 9 months? Can I control my appetite? Will the baby be okay inside my womb? Endless worries. I had to inject insulin 3-4x a day since I was really disobedient with my diet plan and had SO MUCH appetite! I had to do more finger pricks a day to monitor how much was my blood sugar. I had to visit my doctors monthly. I had to check regularly if my baby was okay. I never run out of worries all throughout my 9 months of pregnancy journey. And THANK YOU GOD, I was able to deliver my child safely! (through CS and she was a bit bigger than the usual weight and length of a newborn)

Fast forward to NOW…

I got used to the finger pricks and insulin injections although I can still feel the pain everytime I do it and I am not happy about it (haha). By the way, my husband and sister were the ones who do the insulin injections for me now because I really cannot do it properly (even after more than 3 years of receiving insulin!). I always hurt myself everytime I do the injection. My previous employer also sent me to a training on diabetes education which is really a big help and great learning for me! My family was there for me all throughout my journey. My husband was always there to look after me. My relatives had always shown their support. My friends were always there to cheer me up. My doctors were there to help me out. I have my baby who inspires me and gives me the reason to look forward everyday. And my God never leave me.

It was not an easy journey. And although I have this disease that might be with me for a lifetime (hopefully, they’ll find a cure for this one also), I know I can survive this trial because I am never alone in this fight. I thank God for my support system. So after all my Whys and What ifs, all my negativities are now turning into positivities and wonderful possibilities.

Never give up, never lose hope and always have faith!


by Alamo NA

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