Raising 3!

A single mom’s exciting and adventurous life raising three kids!

My Ohana!

Motherhood is a whole lot of things. Any mom can attest to that. There is happy, crazy, tiring, emotional and busy but at the end of the day your heart is always full of that unexplainable contentment that you have done something superhuman-like for your kids.

Now, being a single mom of three wonderful kids could be a bit more challenging. Not to undermine the amazing couples raising their kids together out there but doing it on your own takes more out of a person. I get to do all the mom stuff and the things that we would usually see a father would do with them. But the amazing part of it is, I get all of the glorious rewards out of it! I all the kisses and the hugs no matter how sweaty and stinky it may be. Ha! And they tell me, just me, how their day was. Good or bad, I get to listen to it all.

I have a 12, 10 and a 6 year old who totally have different personalities from each other. There are different ways to wake them up in the morning to make sure they start their day in the right side of the bed and prepare meals that would suit their different food preferences. Lucas is very picky, Ysabella have a peanut allergy and Gizoi…well, she eats anything!

When they are all at school, there are of course a gazillion things that needs to be attended at home. Good thing we moms have superhuman skills that gets the household chores done, play with the dogs , take a bath and be fresh and beautiful again and prepare merienda before the kids come back from school. (High five to all moms!

BUT, my daily life would not have been as easy (whew!) without the help and support of my parents and siblings and their family. The frequent visit of my sister and her kids totally gave my kids the big ate and kuya figure that they need. The presence of someone their own age who “gets” them and can run as fast as them. My brother that fills up and lives up to the empty space when they need a dad. And of course my parents, who I am very grateful they have met and to which they enjoy the perks of having grandparents.

There would still be a lot of adventures to come. Some maybe I am not looking forward to (because I’ve been there…harharhar!). But with God by side and my family surrounding me, I’m sure we will all face each day with hope and thanksgiving.

Mommy Boots Abobo, mom of 3

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