The Arts of Love

Arts and Family are the ones who made me happy…


When I was young i love making things with my own hands. Drawing, painting, sewing, and creating crafts from scratch, and making it something beautiful and useful. Until i reach this age, i still love crafting and its made me happy whenever i see the output of my works.

I didn’t imagine that this passion of mine will be part of my wedding. Of course its a wedding, it has to be beautiful and meaningful.

Being an Artist i want my works to be part of my wedding. That’s why i decided to do the flowers for my entourage and also for my bridal bouquet. And almost all the crafts in my wedding even the props for the little ones.

But that’s not the reason why i did that. It is also to save money and being practical. Real flowers withers in time but artificial serves as remembrance.

And now my bridal bouquet is now well restored in our house as a souvenir, it is place on a wide frame to preserve its proportion and beauty.

Every time i see it, I remember the most memorable day of my life as a lady. The day we cherished and the moment we’ve spent together with my loved ones.

From that day , my heart and my hand unite, My Passion and My Love.

I Hope you enjoyed my blog. See Yah.


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