Letting Go and Moving On

Letting go and moving on might be the most difficult thing to do, when you are deeply in-love. But sometimes breaking-up is the only way to show your love and affection. That might be the last option to make them happy. And the last thing that you can do, to bring them back when you first met.

Some people said, that true love doesn’t guarantee a long lasting relationship. The moment you find the person you love in the beginning of your journey, it will take worth and dedication to make your partnership special. It takes two to build a stronger bond to make it last forever.

Both of you dedicated your trust, time, effort and love. But it doesn’t look like it’s enough when someone is asking for more or not contented of what each parties is giving. And this end up of being happy with the company of others.

Years may have passed, feelings may have gone, memories will remain, and lesson will be forever carried. I may say goodbye for now, to give way on our short comings. We will be letting it go and moving forward to makes us more ready in our responsibility and commitment. Sorry for what I have said and done, and thank you for being part of me.

by: Mercy Ivy L. Villar

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