Today, I will share with you the preparation of the first birthday of my daughter. And also, I will share some tips on how to do plan an unforgettable birthday party and do DIY stuff like invitation, giveaways, souvenirs etc.

I will never had a birthday party when I was a child, I envy those party that I have attended way back. Even if it’s a simple party at least their parents gave an effort to celebrate the special events of their children. This motivates me that when that time comes I will give my child a special birthday party. Because I do believe that all first birthday was the most important birthday that we need to celebrate and make it memorable. Even though you could’ve sworn that they were born yesterday, planning a birthday party is a great way to celebrate this important milestone in their life. So that when your child grows up they have memories that they will looked up too. 

As I am excited about the 1st birthday party of my daughter, I planned this occasion when she was 6 months old, so I waited few months 6 months to be exact for that event. The preparation took eight months to complete all the details and stuff that will be needed. Thanks to all my friends and family for becoming a part of this special occasion of my baby. Especially to those stretched their hands to help me in DIY things and to those who have a generous heart for the expenses thing. Also, I will take this opportunity to thank all the participants/guests that came in that day. To all ninang and ninong and close friends who gave extra effort to make it, even though it took them a couple of hours to be in that event. This event could not be possible without all of you.



First that I prepare was the list of friends or guests that will be invited to the party. You must know your target guest for your upcoming event, because in that way you can decide on what is the amount of food that you need to prepare for the party.


Make You tube and Google be your best friend during your journey in preparation for your party. Because those tools will help you get a lot of ideas on your chosen theme for your event

3. CHOOSE YOUR BEST PARTNER (catering service, venue decoration, clowns, sound system and venue)

Plan your occasion together with your chosen event coordinator, you may search on social media about the event supplier and discuss with them about your chosen theme. The supplier will give you the packaged of their product so that you can choose the option that you think will suit your budget. Good communication with your event coordinator and supplier was the key for the succession of your celebration. To decorate your child’s first birthday party with the sweetest decoration you may click this link https://www.facebook.com/jhenpartysetUpLaguna/ and can ask ate Jhens for the details of your special event or you may also visit her Facebook account https://www.facebook.com/jena.ebreo. For entertainment, to make your party alive and productive I highly recommend Mr. Jason Oracion and Friends, link the link https://www.facebook.com/kyle.oracion for the better transaction you may also ask for the discount.

4. DIY Giveaways, invitation, souvenirs etc.

Now that you already have an idea for your birthday party theme, to make some extra effort for this special occasion of yours. By doing some DIY stuff for your theme was a great idea because it will cut some of your expenses. All you have to do is to widen your imagination and befriend to Youtube. There are plenty of video tutorials for the theme that you will be chosen just search for it and you will get lots of ideas. I will show you some of my DIY products with the help of my friend.


During the party, your attention will focus on the celebration, you might probably forget to take some videos or photos for the memories. To not worry about this, you need to hire a professional photographer or maybe a relative for the event. In that, he will capture an important highlight of your child’s party because we all want to remember every sweet moment. I highly recommended Mr. Marvin http://bit.ly/EmbengPhotography for your photo documentation.


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