Hello everyone! welcome to my blog page. I’m mommy liezel a fulltime housewife and my husband work in abroad as ofw in abhu dhabi and a proud mom to my beautiful daughter baby Samantha. Let me share you about my life.

before I decided to work abroad for my dreams, bigger plans and goals in life. I arrived in Switzerland last 2008. Switzerland is my home for 7 years. Working in Switzerland didn’t only gave me a work experience and opportunities but I also had the chance to explore the different place in that country, through having an adventures with my friends made my self relax and laced with my homesickness. Being far to your love ones is really hard. That’s the reason why I decided to go back in my home country last November 2014. I Got married last December 22,2014 and I’m so lucky to have my very kind, supportive and lovable husband. I am so happy with him until I entered in the stage of my life called motherhood. I gave birth at the age of 30 to a baby girl, she has turned me more into a woman that I thought I couldn’t have been, she is the greatest gift that I’ve ever received from God. I am very contented with them and I couldn’t ask for more. They are my everything and my life. Every time when I look at them I feel like I am the most strong and bravest mother because seeing them makes me feel strong and brave in all aspects of life. My man and my beautiful daughter are the source of my strength as well as my weakness and I don’t think I may be able to survive without them in my life. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MY HUSBAND AND MY DAUGHTER.

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