Do you have a lot of things you want to do and decision making to make? These are the things we encounter when we enter Adulthood or as they say “Adulting”.

Adulting according to Katy Steinmetz of Time, is a millennial term which the American Speech offered this definition, to behave in an adult manner or to engage in activities associated with adulthood. It is also the process of learning things and accepting change in a mature way.

As we age, from toddler to teenage, we often hear our elderly, teachers and especially our parents, “to ask us to do this, do that, that is not the right thing to do or this should be the things to be done”. We may think that we don’t have our own freedom or freewill to decide for ourselves. But come to think of it, they are just preparing us to the real world of life. Adulting is the stage of our lives that we enter our freedom, we can do whatever we want to, without any limitations. But this is also the point of our life where we are responsible of our own decisions. Whatever decisions we make today will be the outcome of our future, we may stumble at times, which is part of it but we need to get up and build our broken pieces. The world has a lot to offer to us, we just need to value the time and enjoy every second of it.

Larielyn Agpalsa

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