Kalanggaman Island

Hi, I’m Roda and welcome to my 1st ever Blogpost! 

I’m From the province of Leyte and on this blog, I will share with you one of the great beaches in my hometown   “The Kalanggaman Island”.
Our country which is the Philippines is well known for its world-class beaches and one of that is Kalanggaan Island. It is a small island paradise located in the Municipality of Palampon, Province of Leyte. It is famous for its crystal clear waters, lush palm trees, and beautiful sandbars on both ends. The island is also considered one of the most beautiful island beaches in the Philippines. It has captivated many Filipinos and foreign tourists because of its pristine and untouched beauty. According to locals, Kalanggaman (the Visayan word for “bird”) got its name because it resembles a bird if viewed from above, not to mention the island used to be a paradise for migratory birds many years ago. The island is surrounded by pristine white sand on one side and smooth rocks on the other, making it the perfect snorkeling spot during high tide.

I live alongside the seashore of Brgy. San Juan one out of 50 Barangays in the Municipality of Palompon. From where I live, you can see the awe-inspiring view of this paradise however it’ll take 1 hour and 30 mins to get into the island via boat but it’s worth every minute of travel just to get into. I am blessed that this paradise is just right before my very eyes and as years go by, I am getting more even gratified and overwhelmed at the same time being a Palomponganon knowing that the island has already been recognized not only locally but also internationally.

M/S Europa 2
Cruise Ship

I will also take this opportunity to invite everyone to come, visit  Palompon for you guys to experience not only its crystal clear water but also enjoy the breathtaking scenery that this island has to offer.This is also a perfect place for you to relax, enjoy with family and friends.

For more details, you can click the link below.



Rodalie Bergamo

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