Top 3 reasons why I love WAHM

I decided to pursue a work at home career after having a kid. I couldn’t take the idea of a stranger will take care of my kid while I’m away. It’s difficult to entrust your kids to anyone nowadays. Here are the reasons why I love and chose to be work-at-home-mom.

1. I get to work from home in the clothes I’m comfortable wearing

As I open my eyes in the morning while my kid is still sleeping, I can easily grab my laptop to lessen the work for the day without thinking what to wear and doing the job in the bed. While everyone is in hurry of the commute going to work.

2. We can go on a vacation when we want and bring my work with me. It’s a workcation!

I don’t have to file a vacation leave and think if it will be approved or not. We can able to travel anywhere as family, bring my job with me, and my client will not know that we’re on vacation!

3. If I want to spend time with family, I can just take my laptop with me and work around spending time with them.

We can able to watch movie in the living room while I’m doing my work. Quality time with the family is the best! This is my favorite reason why I chose to be a WAHM!

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