I took long years to plan for my married life. I even stayed in a long years of boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. I’ve been so careful, I cared, I trusted and I loved. I never expect to be part of the “Single-Moms’ Community”. I sacrificed some of my dreams just to take care of my marriage life. 

And yet, whatever good I have done to save my marriage, everything has to end. I had reached the longest tolerance that I could give. It was my choice and I don’t regret to walk out on that relationship.

until she came in our life-My little Jocyiel-who made me realized I can be a better version of myself without emotional pain.

Yes, it was a hard choice and no turning back.  Some of my family was shocked and even doubt on me, thinking a Third-party relationship. But they’re wrong. I may be a liberal minded but I still believe that a husband should be the provider of the family. I have given him the chance to provide, for how many years of our marriage before our first Baby-my Zoe- came but he became more irresponsible.  He had a job, during our marriage I never asked a support but it’s different when there’s a Baby already in the family. Still some people judged me of my choice but why should I care about their opinion anyway. We are now on the aged of Technology wherein everyone is busy and everything in this world has changed.

We’re incomplete but we are happy and groovy.

Five years have passed, I survived, we survived.  Grateful to have friends and family who really know me and believed in me.  Thankful to have a best friend who extends her arm for me and my kids. Thankful to have siblings-though they have their own family and problems to face-they shared their shoulders for me.  Grateful to have two little girls with me, reminding me to stand strong and inspire me more to the brighter side of this life. 

The past years had given me sufficient lessons to learn on.  Those were the years of shattered dreams and emotional pain but in the end I succeeded.  I discovered my inner and unbelievable strength and capabilities to raise my kids on my own. Being a single mom is challenging yet I found PEACE in this status.  And I am no different with other Moms out there. Still, my priorities are my kids.

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