My Freelancing Journey

Hello everyone! I’m Kristy and welcome to my blog! I am a mother of 3 amazing kids and in here, I want to share with you my little journey from being a full time mom into being a work from home mom. So if you’re a mother and you’re tired of being guilty because you can not be able to buy your children’s’ needs, if you are like me that is so shy in asking money from my husband and YOU have the guts to take everything just to find a job while taking care of your child this is for you! So keep reading until the end.

So here’s a little introduction about myself. I was working as a cashier when I got pregnant on my first child. And from there my life as a mom begun. Most of mothers are happy seeing their child after giving birth but for me, everything is opposite. I was not prepared to be a mother. I don’t like having a child. I had a lot of dreams that would not be fulfilled and there were many questions running on my brain just like what would other people gonna say? What my parents would think of me? How would I survive a life of being on the house everyday and how would I still enjoy my life? I became miserable that time. I went through a postpartum depression and that led me to leave my child and stay away from my family and look for myself. And I must admit, I am very wrong in doing that.

My Princess

Upon finding myself, I met a guy and he opened my eyes to the real beauty of life. He brought me again to God and ask me, “Why are you sad? Why are you keep crying even you can already do all the things you want so freely?”. And from there I got the answer. It’s because I did not give myself a chance to welcome God and my daughter into my life again. I am the only one responsible for doing my life miserable. And now, I am very happy because I was able to get back to God’s arms and to my daughter. And remember that guy who helped me? He’s now my partner and we already have a child as well.

So here’s now the challenge. I thought it will be smooth and easy to live because my partner has a work. But as time goes by, we realized that it’s not. It was so difficult. Every payday I need to list just all the things we need. And everyday, budget for food should not exceed Php 100. It was so sad, I want to have more for my children. I want to buy them toys, clothes, foods, etc. And so I decided to join different networking groups because I know maybe it could be the answer on all my problems. But I failed again. Until I met a person who answered back on one of my Facebook post regarding networking. She bombarded me a lot of knowledge about freelancing. And from there, my journey in looking for real home-based jobs started.

Ms. Melody

She told me to join this community called FHMOMS ( Filipina Homebased Moms) which focuses on helping moms to transition from being a full time mom to a work from home mom. And at the beginning, I doubt it. I didn’t commit on the community because as per Mommy MK, working from home requires a computer and an internet connection. I know I can’t afford to buy those. How come will I provide that if I can’t even buy a piece of Jollibee meal for my children? And what if I got scammed? I had a lot of “What ifs” on my mind. Until I saw my child looking on a kid with a cute bike. I asked myself again. “Why am I scared? Why would I not try? If others can, then I can do it also.” And so, I started to tell myself.” Do it for your kids! Do it to have your purpose again!”

After those hesitations, we decided to lend money for us to buy a refurbished computer and to have an internet connection. And when we got prepare all the most important requirements to be a work from home employee, I studied a lot. I fixed my resumes and cover letters. I sent hundred applications everyday, I kept on learning through Google and Youtube since I can’t enroll on paid courses. And I joined an event by FHMOMS to see if working from home is really possible. At least I got to meet a lot of working from home mommas!

And luckily, I was called by an American client to be his Virtual Assistant and I am very glad and grateful because I am already a working from home mom of my children for 7 months now. I can buy my kids their needs and I can already treat them even just on fast-food chains. Thanks to this job! I can now work while taking care of them.

So for all mommies out there or soon to be a mom, if you really want to pursue something in your life, never give up! If you have been through a situation wherein you are already questioning your abilities and thinking that you don’t have a worth because you’re stock on the house, don’t be! Change your negative perception into a positive one and do all the things you should do for your sake and for your children. Unleash your power and faith to God and he will give you all the answers.

"Nothing is really impossible if we put God on the center of our life." 

By: Kristy Rico

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