Jeonju Palace: One of the best Samgyeopsal Korean Restaurant in Baliuag

Jeonju Palace is one of Baliuag’s Korean restaurants offering unlimited meat and Shabu Shabu for P399. I believe we’ve already visited their restaurant five to six times and let me tell you why we’re still coming back to it.

Jeonju Palace Review

We really loved all their side dishes, especially the Turon and the fish cake. They have a lot of choices of side dishes to choose from and I remember our first visit, most side dishes were cooked freshly. Their crews were very attentive and friendly, giving refills quite quickly.

They have beef and pork meat that they serve as marinated and unmarinated. Their meat is so tender and thin that you can save your time cooking and appreciate their very inexpensive yet delicious Shabu-Shabu as well. It’s so refreshing when you try their two flavored drinks that you can enjoy without limit.

They have eight-flavored pork as well, we haven’t tried it yet, but we look forward to tasting it.

When it comes to their location, they have a parking area, and I love the atmosphere of their store, which is spacious and clean.

If you want to look like as a Korean, they have a sets of outfit that you can use.

Overall, we can rate their service and food satisfactory and can recommend it to our friends and family without hesitation. If you want to satisfy your Samgyeopsal cravings, try and visit Jeonju Palace.

Prepared by: Jessica T. Flores

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