Unexpected Blessing

We already have plans. We want to save money for a vacation in the Philippines. We want to save and invest, since I can work full time because my kids are already big and independent. I was focused on applying for a teaching job, an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) here in Japan. I wanted to pursue a professional career. But everything changed.

I got pregnant after almost 9 years.

We were okay with just two kids, our eldest is 12 years old and our princess will turn 9 years old this year. But honestly deep within me I really miss having a baby. Even if we didn’t plan for it, I am really happy to be a mom again at 36.

My Pretty Cataleya. Born March 5, 2019 via Caesarian Section at Fujita University Hospital.

Last March 5 I gave birth to a healthy baby girl via caesarian section, my 3rd CS actually. And she has been our sunshine, we adored her especially her kuya and ate. My heart is full and I am really happy. I wouldn’t want it any other way. I can delay my professional career. We can go on vacation some other time. I think the plans we’ve made are not the plan God have for us.

Where God guides, He provides.

He is just really amazing because He knows what we need and He sees our deepest desires. Even though we are struggling financially because my husband is the only one working now. I have faith that we will make it through. 


While I was pregnant last year, I thought of ways to help my husband financially. I came across a group on Facebook which is FHMOMs, I joined the group, enrolled in their August Cool Program. That was then I realized that I am really behind. I had to learn everything from scratch. I did not know that it will be difficult. I have to research and study more. I did not finished my apprentice but I really learned a lot. Last May I finished my Photo and Video Editing Course with Mommy KT and I felt equipped already. I have upgraded my skills and I am ready to apply. But oh boy I was wrong.

The application

There was supposed to be an interview but I got scared because although I’m familiar with the tool, I’m not an expert or something. I tried to apply for a job that I knew I am good at but I never got I reply. It was so hard because of the competition in the market and I am still a newbie, but I just keep reminding myself why I started this. I was starting to give up but I made a decision to continue. And now I am enrolled in FHMOMs General Virtual Assistant Course. I am glad to be enrolled here because I thought learning to be a graphic designer is enough. Now I have learned more and will be learning as I continue this course. I will continue to upgrade my skills and hone it to be the best SMM VA.

So you see, God has the best plans for us. I have a pretty, healthy baby girl and I discovered a work that will benefit me and my family as I will hopefully be working at home soon.

By: Charina Mae Avila-Pasiño

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