Hello to everyone! Welcome to my blog page! I’m mommy Rona, a full-time housewife and a proud mom to my cutest son, James. Let me share you guys a little fleck of my life before I land a job at home. Previously, I worked as a senior cashier at a sales company. I resigned on my job, only this last April.

When I was working, my son was in my mother-in-law in Bataan and it was hard for me to watch him growing up without me. They’re always sending me my son’s latest picture and videos but I still miss him so much. I can’t sleep without him that makes me cry all night and wished I could take care of my child one day. Sometimes I got paranoid, I couldn’t stop worrying about my son. Thinking too much of him make me sad and guilty that bring me to not focus on my job so I quit from my work.

Meet my inspiration: March 11, 2017, I entered a stage in my life called ”Motherhood”. I gave birth to a 7lbs 12oz 19 1/2 baby boy. He has turned me more into a woman than I believe I could have been. My son brought so much laughter and delight into my life’s unbelievable and he is the greatest gift from above and I can’t be more thankful enough for him… He’s my” Everything” Every day when I look at him, he gives all the grounds for not giving up when I feel I’m at my breaking point. I love you so much, my son.

One day. I was scrolling on my news feed and I came across an opportunity to join the group of FHMOMs by mommy MK. First come into my mind, that it is possible to make money while working at home and spending time with their families. Earning currencies without leaving the Philippines (like OFWs). I am wondering how it is working. The first step I was reading the pinned post, do some research, take down all important notes and read all the inspiring stories with the other mommies in this group who became successfully landed a job from home while they still taking care of their little one. They inspired me and got some tips on making a catchy cover letter, resume, and how to get a prospective client. I am also watching all the free monthly training videos by mommy MK and other beautiful trainers in this group. Because I am eager to learn more knowledge and skills, I enrolled in one of the paid short course in this group to be more confident in applying. I chose a virtual assistant niche by mommy Christine. And today is our 10th day of training and I am proud to say that I have learned a lot and how much more in the remaining days of our training. I am very excited after this training!

Thank you FHOMS! Thank you for reading my blog post. Let us keep inspiring and motivating each other. Thank you, Lord, Godbless us all!

Inspired by: Rona

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