Freelancing Expectation vs. Reality

You quit your corporate job. Finally, you are away from all the stress that your office environment gives you. Away from all the hassle of going back and forth from your home to the workplace. And yes, not to mention the heavy traffic plus the struggle of waking up too early so you won’t be late. 

You turn to be a freelancer. Freelancing means working remotely. You have your own time. You have flexible work that you can do everything while doing the job. You are finally working from the comfort of your own home while spending most of your time with your family. And being a freelancer gives you financial freedom.

Do you picture yourself living your life while you can do your dream job?

Can you feel how great it is to finally be able to reach your goals?

This may be one of your expectations when you finally decide to become a freelancer.

But can you believe me when I say that what you picture is maybe slightly different than the reality?

My experience of being a freelancer may not be that long enough for me to say this as I have a long way to go through, but my learning for that short period will do. And I must say that we all should take back our expectations. This is not just a merely career change but definitely a career transition. You won’t just have a new office environment and new work. It’s like a new phase of learning all over again. And it takes process.

There are many other things that you still have to consider. Like the type of work, client’s expectation and projects that you will work on. It’s not just a simple act of sitting in front of a computer/laptop and typing on a keyboard while scrolling through the cursor. 

When you become a freelancer, you have to take your skills to a whole new level. The skills you have from your previous job will not be that valuable to the freelancing world. You have to find your niche first before you can finally start building your business as a freelancer. It’s not as simple as having flexible work and having time freedom. It will take most of your time as you have to do more research and study. You got to evaluate your passion and skills because here, no one is good at everything. In freelancing, you have to be an expert at one thing. You really have to invest time to learn. 

By: Joanna R.

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