The Lamb’s Broken Leg

Many people know of the picture of Jesus carrying a lamb on His shoulders. But few know the meaning behind it. It is found in the story “The Lamb’s Broken Leg” as told by William Branham.

There is an old shepherd story that was told in Jerusalem in the Holy Lands, of a shepherd packing a sheep.

Another shepherd asked, “What are you packing it for?”

“It’s got a broken leg.”

“How did it do that? Fall over a cliff?”

“No, I broke its leg.”

The other shepherd said, “Why, you’re a cruel shepherd to break that sheep’s leg.”

“No, I love it. It was going astray and I couldn’t make it obey me, so I broke its leg so it would have to depend on me. I carry it, feed it, and stay close to it. Through this process, it will learn to depend on me, look to me and stay with me.”

From: Cat and Dog Theology by Bob Sjoren and Gerald Robison

This story made me understand why God has to discipline me. What loving parent doesn’t discipline his child when he gets out of hand? It’s His way of telling me, “My child, you are being disobedient. I have to do this for your own good.”

Thank you Lord, for the love and discipline. Please cause me to hear you clearly and to obey your commands. Amen.

Jennibeth Regondola

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