Resilience: How to Bounce Back When You’re Falling Apart

Something went off.

And you didn’t see it coming.

You thought that everything was going well, too well.

But wasn’t.

How come you missed it?

You were giving every freaking thing you’ve got and still got miserably shot. Why?

Maybe you were fighting for the wrong reason. Maybe if you were more capable, it will end differently.

And here you are – stuck at the moment. Do you stop or do you move forward? Will you let it pass or will you confront? 

Do this:

  1. Choose to bounce back. The key here is  “choose”. You decide on it. You make it the only option available, nothing else. Tell yourself, “this too shall pass”. Say it again, a thousand times if you must. Drag yourself (or make others if you prefer) into seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Make this resolve loud and clear so you can go on to the next.
  2. Ask your biggest why. Every journey started with a reason, go back to that. If the answer doesn’t resonate anymore, then screw it – garbage are meant for disposal and not kept. However, if the purpose is as meaningful as it was when you started, then move forward – pit stops are meant to refresh you and not to make you permanently stop.  
  3. Feel the emotions. Cry until your eyes are sore. Scream until your throat hurts. Acknowledge that this whole thing crushed you. Go through the process of taking it all in and expelling it all out. And when you do, set a timer on it. Recovering is time bound – you define how long will it take you, then you take control of it.
  4. Execute the next step. When your heart is free and your mind is clear, you will be able to map out how you would like to proceed. You just became a full fledged warrior – much braver, wiser, and stronger than yesterday. Your actions will define your victory. So craft it out carefully and execute it proudly.

Let’s face it: Bouncing back when you feel like falling apart has never been easy.

Resilience is a skill – an art that is sharpen over time while you are boldly exposed to life’s miseries.

I am here to help you uncover the courage piled beneath the cement of pain and hurt. Follow these steps and you will win this battle called life.

And I know you can, I believe in you.

Lia Jasmine April M. Villanueva

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