OFW Life

OFW ( overseas Filipino Workers ) work abroad to sustain the needs of their family and fulfill their dreams of better life. But, what’s it is really feel likes to work abroad? Are they really sad or are they full of happiness?

At some point, you’ve probably dreamt of living and working abroad, even if it’s just for a little bit. You have dreams about moving to foreign country, traveling everywhere, and earning enough to support your family. We always think that being OFW had a wonderful life. We envy when we see them post in a beautiful scenery like beach, fascinating tourist spots , we  crave the food they eat and even the nice clothes they wear but have you really thought, what’s behind those pictures and smiles?

I was 26 years old back then when I decided to work abroad for my dreams, bigger plans and goals in life. Since I work from Ermita Manila, I already have an idea where to find the Agency and apply. I prepared all the requirements needed like NSO, Transcript of Record, College Diploma, UMID, NBI, Passport and other valid ID’s.

After passing all of the exams, and interviews, it’s time to say goodbye to my family, friends and of course to my beloved country Philippines.

Taiwan is my home for 3 years. I have a 3-year contract so I have to stay there until that ends. Working in Taiwan does not only gave me a work experience and opportunities but the country gave me a chance to explore this wonderland.  But the adventures and enjoyment are laced with homesickness.

Leaving your family and loved ones just to work abroad is a bitter feeling that has been swallowed by most of an OFW. When we arrived in Taiwan, some of us felt alone because we didn’t know one. Our loved ones are not around anymore to lift us up in times of trouble especially when homesickness strikes. We have to endure this kind of feeling. We could not express our feeling well because of the language barrier.  How frustrating it will be?  It is hurtful not to witness events  like birthdays, anniversary and Graduations we have not attended. Worst of all how can we overcome a grief if one of the members of our family died. One thing for sure, we have many sleepless nights and pillows have been wet because of our tears we cry at night.

In spite of the sadness and loneliness, somehow there is joy. We felt happy whenever someone chat, viber , skype, or see the picture of our family in an fb post, much more if we able to talk to with our loved ones once in a while. This can ease the burden, sorrow, and loneliness we feel. At first it is hard, but with patience and diligence, things will work out well. We are glad and excited of the improvement of our home. In short, all of our sacrifices pays off.

 I hope this a wake-up call to all. OFW  need your support in terms of emotional and spiritual because they are alone in facing these circumstances. I am proud to all OFWs out there. Indeed, they are heroes in all times.

Cheril de la Cruz

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