My Experience as Part of Logistics Team for an Event

We had a 1-day event last Sunday. I was a part of the logistics team for that event. Logistics team is the first one in the event and the last one to go home after the event. Our job was preparation of the stage, make and setup the stage background, organize the chairs, print the welcome tarp, make the monitor screen for teleprompter and a lot more.

Stage preparation was the main role of the chapter I was in. Our group need to prepare the background days before the event. Since most of us have jobs in the morning, we can spare 2-3 hours after work and get home already at night. We prepared the letters and the logo that were needed for the stage.

3D letter preparation

Day before the event we need to be in the venue to setup the stage, arrange the chairs and other matters needed for the event. The group was only there around 4 pm so we need to work fast since there are still a lot more preparation to do. We realized that there are still about 8 letters that were not yet made as a 3D letter. So, the group hurriedly work on the 3D letters and we were anxious that there’s a possibility that we may not be able to finish the stage. After we made the letters, we still need to work on the logo for the background of the stage. The logo was around 10% done when we went there in the venue.

Part of the logo

It was already 2 am when we placed the logo on the background and finished cleaning the stage. There were only 9 of us left behind at that time since some already left past 12 mn. Since we have no car and the public vehicle no longer operates, we had a problem on how to go home. We decided that we sleep in the venue and go home when it is around 5 am.

Here is the stage background that we made. It was our combined efforts with the help of God that we finished it despite the lack of budget and manpower. When the event was done, I can say that all of us were tired, but we are happy that we made it.

View of the stage

It was my first time to be part of the logistics team for an event and my first time to sleep in a school with only a few people. It was tiring since we are only a small group who are part of the team. Since we are only a few people who worked on it, we bonded and had a great time while preparing the stage. I can say that this was a great experience for me and there are a lot of learning. Maybe I can be part of the logistics team in the future events.

Monica Aiza Orquieza

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