MOTHERHOOD…. Being a Mother is not only a lifetime work, obligation, and responsibility not only to the family members but also to the person itself.

Most mothers may choose to have a career and work helping their partner rather than staying at home and do the same old chores every day, others might prefer to stay at home and adopt the traditional housewife role living life to it’s fullest serving her loved ones and children. When choosing between staying at home and working outside then that’s the time each mother tends to analyze what’s best for their children.

Now since every mother wants the best to their children, mothers can sacrifice many things in their lives, career, and work and I’m one of those mothers. Staying at home and having most of my time spend with my little one gives me fulfillment as a woman and as a mother “only once our child will be a child” so why can’t it be right now?

ONLINE ……. Now, since I chose to be at a fulltime mom so what’s next? What good about today’s technology and the evolution of employment is that nowadays anybody can stay at home and start working at home, most were international client through the web with the help of course of the internet in their/our most convenient time and place. This is where I can say that there are groups like FHMoms (the mentor founder mommy Maria Korina Cope-Bertulfo and Mommy Trainer Christine Lavine) , I’m very thankful that I belonged to this group wherein the group of moms was helping each other with the same vision and mission in life to be a forever mother while providing and giving our loved ones all the best in life.

Online Journey and Experiences with the sense of Motherhood.

Work and study at home while being a mother is another chapter, another journey, experiences which really need unending patience, faith with GOD and consistent and accurate time management. Studying at home is a new level of learning experience wherein you need to leave behind for a while, absorb everything especially the tiniest information you can have its really a SURVIVAL, while applying in a job with a whole new different kind of task and challenges you will encounter from the job application, interview, start-up task, negotiation and many more, is it FAILED or PASSED? Well at the end of the day it’s just another encounter with what LIFE really is and what is being left is that you being a MOTHER where it diminished all the defeat we had in a day.

Written By: Raquel Dunca Alcaria

One thought on “ONLINE ….. MOTHERHOOD

  1. I love the content in this article which tackles about how can you combine working while staying at home with your family or if you need to be beside them in times of problems and which I can say that online job is a big contribution of technology in our lives. In some cases, there are what we called PWD’s which are not capable of working outside, people who always gets sick and other issue related to commuting jobs. I love it very much.


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