How to Be a Good Listener

Yes,there is no perfect marriage today. Every now and then, different problems would come up and we can’t avoid that. Sometimes misunderstandings, money budgeting, or thoughtless words are the reason why arguments erupt.

We can avoid these conflicts. How? First, we must know why it happens in some of us. When we are distracted and tired by thinking about a problem we had at work, we have less focus .Making an assumption is a damaging form of ”mind reading”that can cause couples misunderstandings.

What Can We Do?

1.We must give our complete attention by not pretending to listen, instead we must put aside whatever things we do so we can fully give our attention to our mate.

2.Agreeing to speak one at a time. It means not to interrupt when the one is speaking but just listened to them.

I remember once a wise man said: ”When anyone replies to a matter before he hears the facts, it is foolish and humiliating”.

3.Listening for the message not just the word only is a big help. Continue to keep on listening even if we can hear something that displeases us.

So if we are sincerely interested to our mate, we are showing them an act of LOVE.

Be quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to anger…

JaMES 1:19

By: Shelomith Piadozo

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