Hope Behind Cloudy Days

Life isn’t just about working, earning and saving especially when you already have kids.

It is great to be prepared for their future but always remember that the kids don’t actually know the real value of money.

What matters most to them is the happiness they feel when you’re playing with them.

So spend time with your little ones as much as you can. They will only be kids once. Let them enjoy that phase of their lives with you.

As an independent single mom, it is hard for me at first to admit the fact that it is the life given to me. However, behind that cloud there is hope.

Whenever you feel tire, rest and you may feel better.

Whenever you feel pain, just pray and have faith in him.

All things happened for a reason.

All I want to share with you guys is to keep in faith, do your best and God will do the rest!

Keeps positive spread out!


By: Mary Grace Valdez

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