Stay At Home Mom Turning Into WAHM

I’m a mom. And I’m happy and proud to be one.

Hi there! I’m Rona I am a full-time housewife and a proud mom to my 2 and 1/2 years old son, James. In this space where I can share bits and pieces of my life. It’s hard to believe it’s already been sixteen weeks since I quit my job.

When I was working, my son was in my mother-in-law in Bataan and it was tough for me to watch him growing up without me. They’re always sending me my son’s latest picture and videos but I still miss him so much. I can’t sleep, that makes me cry at night and wished someday I can take care of my son. Sometimes I got paranoid, I couldn’t stop caring about my son. That’s why I decided to resign from my job this last April, 2019 and I choose to stay at home to personally take care of my son.

This is me now. A wife. A mother, even with all of its trials and lessons and as a mom, I want to be the one:

I want to be the one who is always around to take care of my son, cook for my family, put him down for his naps and help him get dressed.

I want to be the one who is always there to comfort my son and to hold him when he cries.

I want to be the one to bring him to the park, to go to the kid’s playground section.

I want to be the one who play with him, to read his exciting books, to act out scenes from his favorite character.

I want to be the one who teaches him important life lessons—to show him how to be kind, and to explain why we can’t always do what he wants to do.

Being with my son throughout the day and taking care of him and providing his needs gives me great satisfaction. When he grow up healthy, it makes me feel proud.

Meet my inspiration: March 11, 2017, I entered a stage in my life called ”Motherhood”. I gave birth to a 7lbs 12oz 19 1/2 baby boy. He has turned me more into a woman than I believe I could have been. My son brought so much laughter and delight into my life’s unbelievable and he is the greatest gift from above and I can’t be more thankful enough for him… He’s my” Everything” Every day when I look at him, he gives all the grounds for not giving up when I feel I’m at my breaking point. I love you so much, my son.

After a tiring day…

I was scrolling on my news feed and I found the group of FHMOMS by mommy MK. That time, I am looking for a home based job and I am very thankful that I have joined this group.

As a newbie, I don’t know how and where to start. The first thing, I do some research about home based job via Google and YouTube, taking down all important notes and reading inspiring stories with the other mommies here in this group who became successfully landed a job while they still taking care and spending time with their kids and families. I am also watching all the monthly free training videos by mommy MK and other beautiful trainers here in this group. They inspired me and got some tips on making a catchy cover letter, resume, create an online profile and how to get a prospective client. After nonstop reading, watching, self study and sleepless night with my coffee buddy. I decided to focus on how to become a Virtual assistant.

That’s why I choose to enroll myself in a virtual assistant course by mommy Christine. Not only to gain more knowledge and skills, but also to be more confident and prepared in applying.

I have listed the needs and the advantages of working at home. For you to help you what you need to begin working at home, see below for your reference:

  1. Internet service/connection – Many companies have minimum internet connectivity requirements that must be maintained to ensure proper functionality of their programs. A subscription to a reliable, high-speed (usually 3 – 5 megabits), hardwired, internet connection, like DSL or Cable is what most companies require If you don’t have an internet connection at home, you can head to your local coffee shop, library, bookstore, or shopping mall and use their wifi connections. Most establishments nowadays have free high-speed wifi for patrons. The downside of this is you’ll be required to make a purchase which could be expensive if you are doing this daily, and these environments are not ideal for teaching ESL classes
  2. A laptop/good desktop set up – While your desktop might be good to play, you might need to expand your capabilities with some extras. From spreadsheets to manage your accounts, to backup storage for important documents, it might come in handy to have some business-oriented software.
  3. Office space – You need to make sure you have one place that you consider your work space. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an entire room, but make sure you’re not confusing your office with your leisure space. Simply putting a desk in a corner of your bedroom will suffice.

Here the advantages of Work at home mom:

  • Financial need/security
  • Career advancement
  • Save for retirement/college
  • Pay down debt
  • Spend more time with kids
  • Eliminate commute
  • Save money on childcare
  • Leave an unpleasant work environment
  • Reduce stress

I hope it will help you and added to your reference.

That’s all. Thank you guys!

Thank you FHMOMS! Proud to be a member of this group.

Thanks also to my very supportive husband who provide me my laptop and stable internet (love you daddy)

Let us keep inspiring and motivating each other. Thank you, Lord, God bless us all!

Thank you for reading my blog post!

Inspired by: Rona

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