Must Have Soft Skills To Land A Job – From a Recruiter’s POV

Attitude. Soft Skills – this is another aspect that employers are looking into when hiring an applicant.

I have been in the recruitment industry for 11 years and I can say that there are clients who hire NOT basing their judgment on the technical skills but on the attitude, culture fit and motivational fit of the candidate. I always hear them say – technical skills can be teach but not the attitude.

I am not saying that technical skills are not important but I would say, soft skills are as same important as the technical skills. One should have the right attitude to fit in the culture of the company, to survive the kind of work that they are doing.

Every employer has their own specific skill set that they are looking for in a candidate. But I will share with you the most common soft skills that my clients are looking into when hiring. Again, this is based on my 11 years in an executive search firm.

This list does not only apply to corporate jobs but may also be considered in home-based jobs.

1.      Teamwork

Teamwork means collaborating with other people in the company or in a project. You can be hired as an individual contributor but you still have to work with other members of the company. You can be assigned to a team project or as simple as to organize an office event.

Employers are looking for someone who can work effectively with different personalities in the organization. Nowadays, teamwork cannot only be seen in an office set up but can also apply to the virtual world especially for global companies where one can work with someone in different locations.

Be cooperative. Be open to suggestions. Be accountable. These are some things you can do to be a good team player.

2.      Commitment

All relationship needs commitment including the commitment to your job and to the company. You have to be devoted to finishing the assigned tasks to you, with quality of course.

When one is committed to the organization and to the job, you will be able to accomplish all the tasks. You will do the tasks diligently.

Be connected to the goal, to the organization, and to the job.

3.      Interpersonal skills

In the early years, we only pertain to communication as being able to understand, sympathize, and acknowledge the person that we are dealing with face to face. But in this digital age, it is not only the case.

Interpersonal skills can be seen and expressed through different methods. According to CreditMaster:

“Today’s employee should also be conversant with all the 21st century communication methods including vocal, written (e.g. digital media or printed), visual (e.g. use of graphs and pictures) or non-verbal communication (e.g. use of gestures).”

Try to understand the situation of the other party. Observe and put yourself in their shoes will help you practice interpersonal skills

4.      Flexibility

There’s a high level of importance in flexibility nowadays. This can mean a lot of things. Could be flexible in the workplace, in the job, with your teammates or even your time.

We know that a lot of us joggle several things all at the same time. But we should be flexible enough to be able to accomplish our tasks. Also, when you get employed, expect that you will not only do what is said in your job description because again, you may be assigned to do projects.

Be open-minded. Be open to changes. Be flexible.

5.      Emotional Intelligence

E.Q is important to build and nurture relationships.

According to CreditMaster:

 Emotion regulation enables an employee to recognize and take care of their psychological well-being with an aim of modeling sustainable working friendships. Such a worker is transparent in his or her dealings and is very approachable. They have empathy, self-awareness, can read people’s minds and are adept at communication.

It may go hand in hand with interpersonal skills. Generally, one should not be self-centered. Be aware of what is happening and to the feelings of the others. After which, take action on how you can help.

The list can go on but the list above is based on my personal observation.

By Mia Golfo

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