From Corporate to Home-based

Earning while at home, is that possible?

That was one of the few questions that popped into my mind when a colleague told me about her niece having a remote job and being paid Php80,000 monthly! I thought that was only possible when you’re working in an office with a high position.

Photo by Thomas Lefebvre on Unsplash

After hearing about it, I immediately searched for online jobs. I also viewed the online platform she told me about. I got interested and I wanted to try too. But I had no idea where to start. At that time, I haven’t joined any Facebook groups yet about freelancing. I searched for more information on google and watched a few YouTube videos. However, it is not enough to fully understand the freelancing world. I still tried my luck and made an account on one of the online platforms. Luckily after 3 attempts, my profile was approved. I was so happy that I started applying. Unfortunately, I got zero replies. Weeks passed already and I even haven’t gotten any messages in my inbox from the jobs I applied to. I became frustrated thinking that freelancing maybe isn’t for me. So I just continued my current job and stopped applying.

Fast forward to 2018 (which is two years later), I gave birth and decided to take a break from my day job. That’s when I thought again about working remotely. I opened my account and I was lucky my profile was still active on the platform I signed up to. I tried applying again, hoping this time, luck will find its way to me. But then again, I only got disappointed with the same scenario as the first one. That’s when I started to join different online groups related to freelancing. From time to time, I read the testimonies of the members, although it was not motivating enough for me to pursue this kind of career. It seems like something was lacking.

Eight months later, while I was browsing Facebook, I came across an online group called Filipina Homebased Moms. The name was catchy enough for me to immediately view the page and hit the join button (maybe because of the word “moms” :P)  Reading the posts from my fellow mommies, I was inspired to try freelancing for the third time.

“If other moms can do it, why can’t I?”

So I started to watch the free tutorials and webinars from the group and maximized  all the free resources they offered. Fortunately, when I applied again, someone finally noticed my cover letter. It was a part-time job but I was okay with it because I wanted to gain experience. Ever since someone took a chance on hiring me, I was blessed to be receiving invitations to apply to different jobs as well. Currently, I have an active contract and I enrolled myself in online courses to gain new skills and be more confident in applying. This, I think, was what I was lacking back then. I didn’t invest in gaining new skills so I was not confident in selling my services as a freelancer.

It was never an easy journey to be a freelancer, but is it worth it? Definitely YES! The only thing I am asking myself every day is, “Why am I doing this? Why did I choose to pursue home-based career over a corporate job?” The answer is simple: for my family, especially for my baby. I wanted to be there for her as she grows. I wanted to be the one to take care of her, not having to sacrifice my job in return.

It is true that when you’re a mother, you will do anything and everything for your child. I still have a long way to go in this career and I haven’t reached my salary goal yet. But I’m happy I made progress (and continuing to make progress) because I chose not to give up.

By: Jave Shantrell Punongbayan

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