So, I just filled up another online application tonight..why? It’s because I was revising another part of my portfolio almost all day. I recently had my online class certificate in graphic design (mind you, it is not easy to do all the projects when your internet is slower than a turtle and your computer as old as you remember). You have to get upgrades for the memory “ram” (first time as tech), thanks Gilmore. Try to watch as many videos as you can when the internet speed is reliable at times because again, if you are really into learning the whole course, keep on learning so you can start to earn (in my case, keep on applying) quoted from Mommy MK.

I am a struggling marketing entrepreneur, still trying to feel if I belong to this industry or any at all. No, I have no inclinations in proper designing nor in marketing but I know how to make a process work..(hopefully and crossed fingers). Feeling down and troubled? Yes, I feel you..I am overly anxious of the way my own business is trying to stay afloat amidst huge competition and sometimes those you know that takes advantage of you financially. Where am I getting at? Yes!, the title of this blog. Remote work, online work and home base, these are music to my ears. No screaming boss, no stiff uniforms, eat at your own pace and do exactly what you want to do during office hours (this is a fantasy and my whole other imaginative mind has been conjuring for quite some time).

Thinking that I had the experience working in corporate for a verrrryyyy long time, it will be peanuts. Reality struck me accordingly, (gosh, you will not sleep properly..I tell you..believe me), that not all I know in this area is true. It’s serious business but once you get the hang of it, studying online, taking advice from mentors and colleagues, it will be more easy. The alien words i.e. jargons will be familiar but then again, I get nosebleeds oftentimes when I encounter foreign employers. Gary Vaynerchuk was right all along and all other famous motivational speakers that is seen on facebook, instagram and youtube, that the great technological boom is here. Information is available at the snap of a finger and people should take advantage of that or somebody will be left behind. But here is what I thought, almost all of them live in a first world country and I, in a third world, thus we get the same amount of data every single day. It’s just that they have a faster access to that amount of knowledge and I’m the slow one.

This is real, free access to every little thing you want to know in whatever is not a fantasy anymore, I need to learn how to swim and thrive in this situation before I drown in the middle. Getting back on track and accepting the new trend of life is the only way to survive this realistic-fantasy feeling. Instead of wallowing with this imaginary thoughts, it is more beneficial to keep discovering the truths in remote working and someday, being “belong” too.

By Angelica Baltazar

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