Torn between working-at-home or pursue working in South Korea

Working in South Korea is in demand nowadays. Well, with the offer of government to government process and without placement fee, plus the big amount of salary. Who are you to refuse, right? Before you can enter and work in South Korea you should accomplish and passed the EPS TOPIK Exam (The Employment Permit System – Test of Proficiency in Korean) formerly known as KLT (Korean Language Test). It has 2 rounds, the first round called PBT (Paper-based Test) or CBT (Computer-based Test). After passing the first round then you can only proceed to the second round which is called Skill Test. In this round, it will test your sharp mind and memory by identifying the tools right in front of you, also assemble certain objects, and your ability to speak in their language because Koreans are the interviewees. It will also test your physical strength by measuring grip, hold heavy objects with a time limit. You must comply and passed the two rounds then you will have the chance of hiring by an employer and soon work in your dreamed country.

Trying my Luck

Honestly, I’ve already tried my luck on taking the exam but unfortunately, I failed the first round. Suddenly the HRD of Korea raised the passing score so, instead of 20 it was changed to 23, and my score then was 20. So, it was so heartbreaking on my part even if, it will still be a long journey right after passing the first round. It will be a big opportunity if I had a chance to proceed in the next round but the results will never change. I failed and a year after that I decided not to take the exam, then the same year I found a group community which is FH-MOMS the founder is Ms. Maria Korina Bertulfo also know as Mommy MK, I had learned a lot from the group, I watched the free webinar and read lots of inspiring stories.

Home-based Job Journey

After I read many inspiring stories I decided to try working-at-home, I saw a post of this particular mentor or coach on the group which has good feedbacks and recommendations on her Facebook Page. So, without a doubt and not thinking twice I enrolled in her coaching program. The coaching is okay after finishing a 2 weeks program, I thought that this is the beginning of my work from home job. But it was not easy for me and for my batchmates to find a job that is related to the course we took. Only to find out that the tutorial videos were so outdated and most of the clients are not using the same guidelines anymore. And the scheme that she thought us to do is not helping us but made us embarrassed. The coaching fee is not worth of her teaching and all I can say is she is an unprofessional mentor. Most of my batchmates loan a certain amount to pay for the coaching fee from a loan app which has a high interest, imagine that. And most of us are depressed because of the high hopes that it will give us a stable job and even a high paying job. The recommendations on her Facebook page are all fake, she has a condition that she will send us an important notes and ideas then instructed that we need to do a recommendation on her page that is a week after our coaching program, and we didn’t know yet how hard for us to get the job that we desired. Other batches have the same sentiments as we are. I will not elaborate more but her coaching program is a piece of ****. Fortunately, met new found friends with our batchmates they build a group and one of the member tried to enroll to one of the advanced courses in FHMOMS and now she has many clients I think she has 5 clients now and even earning 6 digits, isn’t it amazing? Then our co-batchmates tried also the same course they are on July batch. And so, I decided to grab a course also in FHMOMS advanced course and here it is, I am still learning a lot from Ms. Christine Levine she is very professional, if we have questions she will answer right away if she’s not busy “without a scheduled day” unlike my mentor on my last course she even scheduled a day of answering questions. Imagine if clients asked us a hard question that we do not know even google lol kidding aside, she will response late, and the client is also gone. Happened also, she will respond after a week or 2 weeks worst is she’s not responding at all, where is the lifetime support there, right? Going back to my course now which is Virtual Assistance so far so good and hopefully, after the coaching, I and my classmates can find a VA job and handle multiple clients, of course, it will also depend on our hard work, courage and perseverance.

Which path I will be routing

You might be wondering if I still confused on which path I will be routing. Yes, I am still confused now because work from home is not also a stable job, there is no assurance that it will work well on me. I am still trying though I already had a bad experienced on the last course I chose. But, I refuse not to try again because of the benefits I will be having, I will have a chance to be with my son and my family bond with them whenever I have free time plus there’s no hassle on commuting and no TRAFFIC. It will save so much time because before on my corporate job, I will have to spend time like a total of 5 hours commuting, going to work and going back home after my duty. Imagine the 5 hours of being in a dull moment, I could have spent those times on my family or at least do some household chores and rest. Next year if I can’t still find a home-based job and giving my best shot but still not lucky, maybe I will try again my luck on taking an EPS-TOPIK exam.

Can you help me decide? I will appreciate if you can drop a comment below for your suggestions. Thanks!

P.S I’m not a good writer nor good in English grammar so please bear with me. Thanks!

by: Elaine Dellova

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