My Supermom

“Go home early”, “Take care of yourself”, “Drink your milk”, and “Eat on time”, blah blah blah, that’s what my mom always reminding me of. A loving, thoughtful, kind but there is a time that she is like a tiger that will shallow us because of being a hard-headed sibling. I remembered when my mom got so angry, come near to saw a rod on her hand and I run quickly for me not to spank. Oh, those where the days of being naughty and mischievous child.

She is also a racketeer that sells everything from a bag, slippers, shoes, also food, embutido, yema, pulboron, fresh fish and many more to help my father from expenses. Attending a PTA or Parents Teacher Association is just a big plus for her, she helps my teacher in everything that they need and to the best of her ability. Mom never fails to attend in my activities in school. She is the first one who celebrates with me when I have an award and cheers me up when I feel helpless and failed. She only knows my flaws, when I am sad and when I am keeping secrets from her. I can’t hide everything in just snap of a finger she will know. That’s my supermom spiny as a cactus… haha.

Mama Ching in Baguio city
With my mom

A genuine love and care that only mothers have. A Strong and I can say independent because of her strange behavior in a good way. Mom is the greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love, and no doubts. Truly you amazed me in everything that you do when times Papa has gone 19 years ago, oh, that’s so long time ago. You take the responsibility of being a mom and a dad without hesitation. You stand with us and we continue our life. We finished college because of you and you believe in the grace of God that He is your partner throughout your hardship being a single parent. You have forgotten yourself for us. I as your child didn’t know the pain that you are experiencing. What is the world did to you?

Now, you are weak and sick I can’t do anything but cry to our God and pray for you. You are in hospital for more than two weeks because of the sick that torments you. Where is my supermom? Where is my shopping buddy? Where is the racketeer mom? What is the year now? It is 2019? The time is so fast that I am getting older and you are so much more. My mom be well, please. I am teary-eyed when I am thinking of you. I wanna see your smile again. That strong woman that in many years take care of us and loving us unconditionally.

You did a great job mama. Let us take care of you and let us enjoy God’s given life.

Anah Victoria Pangilinan

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