How to set-up a Christmas Budget

How to set-up a Christmas Budget

Tis the season to be jolly, Falalalala lalalala!

Christmas season is coming and so the expenses too… when I said expenses it means a lot, from the groceries to the gifts and so on. You might think it’s a little too early to start setting up your Christmas budget? If you want to have less stress and a hefty fund of savings to pull from by the time Christmas gets here, then guess what? You must start early. So that you can still enjoy the holidays without stashing away money for Christmas.

Here in this blogpost we will share with you tips on how to save this coming Falala season.

Tip 1: Don’t plan for a perfect Christmas, celebrate Christmas from what you can afford.

Having a Family Gathering on the Christmas eve makes it a Merry one. We Filipino’s can enjoy our Christmas Feast even without spending too much on expensive Holiday food staples. With budget friendly Holiday Recipes around, rest assured your Family Christmas meal was a sure success! What’s important is the bonding we will forever treasure. Cheesy but lovely, right?

Tip 2: Make a list (and stick to it.)

Carefully write down the list of people you will give a gift (make sure not to miss anyone). Write down how much to spend on each person. Remember, you must stick with your allotted budget only. You can always adjust if you need to.

Tip 3: Check online for gift ideas

There are lots of online websites that offer big sale items which gives you tons of good deals and bang for your buck! Also, most online shops offer much cheaper deals than those in the department stores. Surf and shop away!

Tip 4: Personalized or DIY gifts – Efforts FTW!

Sometimes, best presents are homemade. It’s unique, fun and most of all, it best reminds your loved one that you’ve made the extra effort to make them smile. Try to bake your signature brownies or make some bath bombs. There are endless options and ideas online!

Tip 5: Enjoy the feeling of giving!

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By: Eneir Klarenz Ramirez

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