Facing my Fear of Heights in Enchanted Kingdom

Note: This blog tackles not only my experience on how I manage my fear from extreme rides but also highlights the rides we experience and also include the rides and attraction that we have never experience and reference it from Enchanted Kingdom website as of August 24, 2019. Thus, contents like, prices, attractions, rides and the like maybe subject for change as time goes by. You may also refer to the links for each topic.

My neighbor’s child and my son with ELDAR the Wizard statue outside Enchanted Kingdom on March 22, 2013

It was way back in high school when I noticed that I have fear of heights specifically from extreme rides. That was after riding ANCHORS AWAY of Enchanted Kingdom. I still remember the feeling of discomfort, when the high wind approaches my face while falling. The feeling was like downing from the massive amount of air pressure that blocks your air passage that causes your breathing to stop for a few moment.

I never had an issue going to Enchanted Kingdom with my child, since he’s just a kid back then and unable to go to extreme rides.

Me, my son and my friends with ELDAR the Wizard statue outside Enchanted Kingdom on 11/25/2015

My Enchanted Kingdom Journey

Let’s talk about Enchanted Kingdom

Enchanted Kingdom was the first and only world-class theme park in the Philippines.

Parks Hours:

  • From June 10 to September 1, 2019
  • Monday to Thursday the theme park is closed
  • Friday – 12:00nn to 7:00pm
  • Saturday, Sunday and regular holiday – 11:00am to 9:00 pm
  • From September 2 to December 15, 2019
  • Monday to Tuesday the theme park is closed
  • Wednesday to Friday – 12:00nn to 7:00pm
  • Saturday, Sunday and regular holiday – 11:00am to 9:00 pm
  • December 16 to 20
  • Monday to Friday – 11:00am to 9:00pm
  • Dec. 21 to Jan. 1, 2020
  • Monday to Friday – 10:00am to 9:00pm
  • Dec. 24 and Dec. 31
  • Tues. 10:00am- 7:00 pm
  • Jan. 2 to 5, 2020
  • Wed- Sun 11am-9pm

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Park Map

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Enchanted Kingdom Is Located At San Lorenzo South, City Of Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Philippines 4026



2nd floor, Ayala Park Square Carpark (in front of Dusit Thani Manila) OR
Starmall Alabang (from Enchanted Kingdom ONLY)


  • P1,200 — Weekends/Holidays
  • P1,100 — Weekdays


  • Makati P360 — Roundtrip | P180 — One-way
  • Starmall Alabang (from EK to Alabang ONLY) P100 — One-way
For shuttle inquiries and reservations, you can contact the following numbers: (0998) 849 4357, (0917) 825 6824, (632) 830 3535 local 37 or email reservations@enchantedkingdom.ph

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  • LOCATION: Pasay City near Buendia LRT station Bus
  • ROUTE: Balibago (Waltermart: Sta. Rosa, Laguna)
  • FARE: around P60.00
  • TRAVEL TIME: 45 minutes to 1 hour
    (varies depending on traffic conditions)
  • LOCATION: EDSA Crossing (in front of Star Mall EDSA)
  • ROUTE: Balibago (Waltermart: Sta. Rosa, Laguna)
  • FARE: around P80.00
  • TRAVEL TIME: 45 minutes to 1 hour
    (varies depending on traffic conditions)

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Click here for Park Rules Details

Ticket Rates

EK Bracelet that will serve as ticket to rides 11/25/2012

Regular Day Pass P 800.00
Enjoy unlimited use of all the Park’s rides.
48 inches (4ft or 122cm) & above

Junior Day Pass P 500.00
Enjoy unlimited use of all the Park’s rides depending on height restrictions
* Children below 36 inches (3ft or 91cm) may enter the Park for FREE except for AGILA

Senior Citizen / PWD Day Pass P 500.00
Applicable upon presentation of Person With Disability (PWD)/Senior Citizen ID. Inclusive of 20% BIR discount and EK special discount.
48 inches (4ft or 122cm) & above

Junior PWD Day Pass P 350.00
Applicable upon presentation of Person With Disability (PWD) ID. Inclusive of 20% BIR discount and EK special discount.
between 36 inches (3ft or 91cm) may enter the Park for Free except for AGILA

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Things to Do

Rides for Kids & Teens:

  • NOT recommended for guest(s) with the following conditions:
  • Recent surgery or illness
  • Weak back or neck
  • Weak heart
  • Low or high blood pressure
  • Pregnancy
  • Intoxicated, under medication or the influence of drugs

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Air Pterodactyl

My son at Air Pterodactyl on 11/25/2012

My son at Air Pterodactyl on March 22, 2013  

The Air Pterodactyl is a kiddie ride with eight (8) airplanes. It allows the children to make-believe and experience the thrill of flying their own airplane. The ride, which revolves counter-clockwise, allows the kids full control of the height of travel of the airplane, for an enhanced aerial experience. reference link

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Stone Eggs

My Son & our neighbor’s child at Stone Eggs on 03/22/2013

Stone Eggs is a mini Ferris Wheel for children. It has six (6) egg-shaped gondolas that are individually loaded for a 2-minute ride, during which each egg is lifted over 24 feet into the air. What better way is there for a kid to cross over to the dinosaur era than a ride on a giant dinosaur egg? Reference link

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Me, my family and friends 11/25/2012

My son at Grand Carousel 03/22/2013
The Grand Carousel is Enchanted Kingdom’s elegant centerpiece that greets guests upon their entry to the theme park. With its features of sixty (60) Victorian horses and two (2) Chariots inlaid with goddesses and cherubs, the ride takes guests back to the Victorian era.
Reference Link

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Photo from EK website

My Son at Dinosoarus 03/22/2013

The ride is an exciting opportunity for kids to experience the adventure of riding a dinosaur – just like in the movies. The guest may choose from any of six (6) Dino tubs to ride and maneuver it up and down while it revolves around the central point. reference link

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Bumbling Boulders

Photo from EK website
This ride in a stone-age setting takes little guests on a revolving circular path with the kid guest(s) having the freedom to spin the boulder in which he or she is riding. reference link

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Enjoy an exciting and fun ride of bumper cars at Dodgem. Choose from an array of twenty-four (24) colorful cars and drive around while both evading and bumping others in the process, for a gratifying experience. reference link

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Up Up And Away

The ride experience is meant to be that on a hot air balloon, in which riders leave the world behind and enjoy the freedom of flight. The ride has ten colorful balloons that rise off the ground and rotate, taking the riders up, up, and away. Reference link

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Wheel of Fate

Photo from EK website
Go for a truly enchanting ride on this big, old fashioned Ferris Wheel which lifts the riders over 130 feet into the air. There are 36 gondolas and each gondola can accommodate up to 6 riders. One gets a breathtaking view of the entire theme park and the surrounding areas of Laguna province from the top of the Wheel of Fate. Reference link

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My friends outside Rialto 11/25/2012
Personaly Rialto is my favorite ride in Enchanted Kingdom. Rialto motion simulator theater has been upgraded with the latest in 4D technology for an enhanced and ultimate theater experience. To accommodate more guest riders at a time, the theater seating had been increased from 60 seats to 108 seats (+ 4 non-moving seats for PWDs). reference link

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Kinder magic

Photo from EK website LOCATION: Midway Boardwalk
Kindermagic is a Kiddie Center Where Learning is Magically Fun! Kindermagic is a place to support kids ages 8 years old and below providing edutainment while inside the park. This will also serve as a venue to further educate and entertain kids while the parents and other family members enjoy the rides and attractions of the theme park. It also provides a world class facility for breastfeeding mothers and their babies and diaper changing for young infants. 
Kindermagic offers different kinds of activities such as Arts and Crafts, Storytelling & Role Playing and soon gardening among others, for kids to learn while having fun. Reference Link

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Bouncing Boulder by Bikiworld

Photo from EK website
The Bouncing Boulder is a mini tower ride that can lift 6 passengers to a height of approximately 10 meters, then quickly drops in a series of short drops. Reference Link

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Boulderville Express

Photo from EK website
On the Boulderville Express, the guest(s) will experience the excitement of riding a locomotive. Kids may be accompanied by their parents in either the engine car or on any of three (3) wagons. The train travels at 7 kph through twists and turns on steel rails held by wooden railroad ties. Reference Link

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Aguila the EKsperience

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 7D Interactive Motion Theater

Photo from EK website .
Regular Rare 100.00 PWD & Senior Rate 71.43
The 7D Interactive Motion Theater is the first of its kind in the Philippines. It features the new XD Dark Ride, a 7D Interactive Light Gun Motion Ride that offers an incredible multi-sensory interactive adventure, players are equipped with light guns that are used to fight off and defeat on-screen characters, scoring points in the process. It redefines the motion simulation theater category by combining 3D Graphics, state-of-the-art motion technology and 4D Effects with multi-player gaming action. reference Link

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Swan Lake

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Bump N’ Splash

Photo from EK website
Cast off to a fun-filled water adventure in any of the fifteen (15) colorful boats at Bump N’ Splash. These battery-powered bumper boats are equipped with water squirters for the guest(s) to enjoy interacting with other guests. Reference Link

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Ghostbusters Adventure Live 

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Flying Fiesta

Experience an exhilarating swing ride on the Flying Fiesta. Guests get the feel of flying as the rotation speed of the fifty-two (52) swing seats increases while a wave motion is created by gradual lifts, drops and tilts. Parent and child will have a thrilling and memorable ride on the tandem seats. Reference Link

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Laser Mission

Photo from EK website
Photo from EK website
Photo from EK website

Laser Mission is an attraction that requires brain and brawn. Your mission is to navigate through a web of lasers until the end of the maze. Reference Link

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Extreme Trills

Rio Grande Rapids

My husband’s cousin, my son & Me & Rio Grande 03/03/12
I would personally suggest to put ride Rio Grande as your last option of rides as you definitely soak with water afterwards or better to bring extra clothes that it wrap in a zip lock plastic. Rushing over rough waters on board a rubber raft is no tame experience. The Rio Grande Rapids is an exhilarating family (or group) ride that has guests constantly catching their breath while traversing raging white water. Each of the eleven (11) circular rafts can seat 8 riders for this awesome and refreshing water adventure. Reference Link

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Roller Skater

Photo from EK website
This junior coaster is designed for guests who want the up-and-down, twist-and-turn excitement of a roller coaster minus the quick thumping heartbeat that the big thrill rides bring. The Roller Skater has eight (8) coaches that seat two (2) guests each. Reference Link

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Fun Kart

Photo from EK website
Be a race car driver for the day in Enchanted Kingdom’s Fun Kart! Drive a go-kart around the theme park’s 800-meter race track with sharp turns and straight stretches . 1 Seater <BR> (10mins) 380.00 & 2 Seaters<BR> (10 Mins) 470.00 Reference Link

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XPP (Xtreme Paintball Philippines)

My Husband and friends at XPP 11/25/12

Xtreme Paintball Philippines (XPP) offers a war simulation arena for guests to enjoy with their family and friends. Take a break from our rides and go for some friendly competition, group or 1-on-1, for added EKcitement to your Enchanted Kingdom getaway. Reference Link

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Jungle Log Jam

This is 6th of my extreme rides list that I am afraid of, but I can’t escape any more because during the time that my son reaches the qualified height for extreme rides, he wanted to experience them all. Of course, As a mom I want to be with him in this journey so I learn to realize to face this fear. I remember my husband’s advice when I told him about my fear of extreme rides, he was my boyfriend that time and wanted to be with me on that experience, he told me to shout as much as I could, close my eyes so I could easily catch my breath. and I take his advice to be with him and my son in this magical experience.
This is an exciting water ride that takes guests two times up a lift and down a slope before splashing into the water. The Jungle Log Jam gives the thrill of racing along a twisting river with up and down chutes, while seated in a dug-out log. There are seventeen (17) logs that can seat up to four (4) guests each. Reference Link

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Space Shuttle

My Husband, my husband’s cousin, my son & me at space shuttle line on 03/03/2019
The Space Shuttle is a thrilling roller coaster ride that turns guests upside-down 6 times – 3 times forward and 3 times backward – all in two minutes! With 28 seats in seven (7) coaches to choose from, guests will surely experience the exhilarating encounter with gravity, whichever seat is selected. Reference Link

The Space Shuttle is 5th of the Extreme ride on my list that I am afraid of. When the ride takes off , my heart pounds as the gear clicking while watching myself climb higher and my mind counting every foot. Then all the noises stop and I feel rumbling as gravity rips the cars down while the wind is slapping my face and even after the boost of my shout lasts The car still not reaching the ground. And after the ride my body still shaking from the twist turns and loops.

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Anchors Away

My husband & friends on the other side of the boat 11/25/12

My husban’s cousin, my son, me and my husband at the line to Anchors Away 03/03/2019

Photo from EK website

This Extreme ride is 4th of my list of rides that I am afraid of because while your brain adjusts you still feel the adrenaline flowing fast. And even I am still lock in my seat I don’t feel like I am, I feel like my body left in the air even the ship reaches the ground. And when the ride stops I feel like crawling into a dark motionless hole feeling terrified.

Experience casting off on a pirate ship and sail over imaginary waves in pendulum motion. This ship can accommodate up to fifty (50) riders and from full stop, swings back and forth until it reaches a maximum angle of 70 degrees. Reference Link

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Me and my friends before falling in line to disk-o -magic on 11/25/12

Me and My friends at disk-o-magic 11/25/212

The Disk-O-Magic is 3rd on my list of rides that I’m afraid of. This is a breathtaking family ride that takes its riders on a spinning and rocking adventure of motion. It’s feels like you are thrown in the air while my body feels the spinning motion of the ride. Seems like I am being thrown in the air over and over again and it seems like it will never stop. . Reference Link

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Air Race

Air Race is 2nd on my list of Extreme rides that I am afraid of , my stomach twitch as the ride spin and spin in the air it feels like I want to go down even that ride still not starting.

Air Race boasts of six (6) acrobatic planes that can fly four (4) passengers each. Famous for its simulation of acrobatic exhibition flights, this thriller ride banks, loops, dives, and mimics weightlessness as each plane rotates anywhere 360 degrees while revolving around a central tower. The country’s first and only, Air Race also features remarkable visuals for riders and spectators alike. Reference Link

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Extreme Tower

Photo from EK website

Extreme Tower is top on my list of the extreme rides that I am afraid of, The height of this ride is like a sky high and as the ride suddenly drop, even I shout, it’s automatically stops even before reaching the ground. Seems like it reaching my limit.

This thrill ride gives guests a breathtaking view of the expanse surrounding Enchanted Kingdom. The EKstreme Tower takes the rider a minute to get to the top almost 40 meters high before suddenly dropping at 76 kph. This ride will leave you screaming your lungs out for more. Reference Link

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My Realization

My realization is that even the fear that I experience when riding Extreme rides and even my heart still pounding faster remembering the scream of everyone riding with me, I have learned how to manage this fear. Usually I closed my eyes, as the visual of falling doubled the fear and shout as much as I could to overcome the fear of height and the air that slapping my face that causes the downing feeling from the massive amount of air occupying my lungs. I face this fear, in order to be with my family. As they encourage me to have fun with them. It’s like motivating my self that the happiness that my family experience with me is stronger than my fear.

by Elizabeth Villaruz

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