Switching career from corporate to seeking online jobs

I used to work in the BPO industry as a finance and accounting staff for 8 years. Working in a BPO company with a fast face environment is such a great experience and at the same time very tough and challenging. I have listed some of the pros and cons of me working in a BPO.


> Constant changes in handling tasks- for me flexibility is the most important abilities that you have to learn when working in a BPO. You have to be flexible to adapt to different job demands regardless of your abilities and experience. From time to time, employees were transferred depending on which team or project is lacking. As for me, 6 years of my experience is in back-office which is handling different tasks as finance staff,  and then the last 2 years was assigned as a collection agent or outbound collections calls. The transition is way too far from my experience and they didn’t even provide formal training for this task.

>Friendship and dealing with other people- Because of the sudden changes of task and team, it is hard to invest friendship and trust because not everyone will like you or you can’t please everybody. I often feel separation anxiety from the people I considered as my friend.   

>Work pressure and stress- Pressure because of the high expectations and how well you perform within the team because salary, benefits, and promotions are measured based on our performances.

>Health Issues- still need to work even when sick, no work suspension even though there is heavy rain or even calamity and the only prize we can get is “May pa-biscuit si mayor” if we survived our way going to the office. It’s sad because they did not even think about the welfare of their employees.

>Work schedule- sleep deprived due to different schedules like morning shift, mid-shift, and graveyard shift. We need to work even on weekends and holidays. As a result, I have no more time with my family because I need to catch up with sleep.


>Pay and Incentives- Highly compensated and attractive salary packages, medical benefits and more. I was able to provide for the needs of my family.

>New learnings- I was able to update and improve my knowledge and skills by handling different tasks, gain confidence and I have learned how to multi-task.

>Gain friendship- For me, this is the best thing that happened to me because I was able to find great friends. Surviving in the industry becomes a lot easier if you have friends at work and days become better.  I have found friends the same interest as me, someone I can talk about my personal life, someone that makes me feel better when I had a bad day, a cover-up for me, whom I trust about work and confidential information, and lastly, we have a life outside work like travel goals and food trip.

>Life outside work

Since our schedules did not meet. The only travel we had is when we went to Boracay and the rest of our bonding is food-trip.


Every day is an ordinary day for me. sleep in the morning then works at night. But in unexpected circumstances, I had to stop working due to my sensitive pregnancy. I consistently bleeding/spotting until I gave birth. My pregnancy is so stressful for us but we are so grateful because I my baby came out safe and healthy under C- Section and now she is 5 months old.

Stay At Home Mom (SAHM)

There is no way to track the hours you work as SAHM because you take care of your children 24/7 without a break, holidays, and sick days and the fruit of my effort is to watch my children grow. I guess the hardest part is the budget is limited and we need to cost-cutting. I really want to help in paying our bills but I can’t do anything

The transition from SAHM to WFHM

Since my daughter is too young and I can’t leave her for work then I aspire to land an online job so I can still take care of my children while working. Like any other typical housewife that wants to help her husband paying all the bills and to have a better life. Now I am currently taking some step to learn, adopt and full equip myself so that I can gain more confidence and hopefully someday will land a job to online world.

-Jennifer Mangao

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