September is the most awaited month in Naga City

Did you know that September is one of the busiest months for Nagañuoes? When the month of September comes, it marks the start for Peñafrancia Festival.

The Peñafrancia Festival is an annual Bicol Festival celebrated in Naga City, Camarines Sur, Philippines. It is a celebration of the Bicolanos’ devotion to Our Lady of Peñafrancia (Nuestra Señora de Peñafrancia), attended by thousands of devotees from all over the country and overseas.

Naga City during September is colorful and busiest because there are banderitas hanging everywhere in the city and most of the people around the region goes to Naga to be part of the Peñafrancia Festival. There are so many activities are held like parade, contest and procession during the festival. Below are the highlight activities of the Peñafrancia celebration.

Civic and Float Competition

This is a competition where the contingents come from different schools in the Region V as they showcase their talents in Majorities, Drum and Lyre Band and present their creativeness in float making.

Military Parade

Participants of the Military Parade include C.A.T. and R.O.T.C. units from the different high schools, colleges and universities of the Bicol Region.  Each contingent was led by its cadet officers followed by a bevy of majorettes and a marching band. Then at the end are at least two platoons of cadets, one male and one female, in very colorful and snappy uniforms! I most definitely enjoyed the pomp and pageantry of the Peñafrancia Military Parade.

Traslacion Procession

transferring of the miraculous images of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Penafrancia, and the Divino Rostro to the Metropolitan Cathedral of Naga City for novena prayers and holy Eucharistic celebrations.

Fluvial Procession

where the image of Our Lady is returned to her sanctuary by passing thru the Naga River. She is placed in a pagoda escorted by musicians, priests and voyadores. 

Also, there are concerts going on almost every  night. There is also a carnival were most of the children are looking for during the festival.  September is the most awaited month for the Nagañeuos. VIVA LA VIRGEN!   

I would like to give credits to the following for the pictures:

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