Overseas Worker’s Diary: 5 Things Moms Don’t Want their Kids to Know.

It is no-secret that working abroad is a very tough decision. It doesn’t revolve around high pay checks, remittances and tons of “Christmas padala”. Everyday is a challenge both in the overseas worker’s end and their respective family.

Mahirap umalis pero napakahirap din maiwan..

-wife of an ofw

I didn’t realized the gravity of those words until I became a wife of an overseas worker. It’s hard. So hard. Not just for me and my husband but also for my kids. And I come up with Top 5 things that personally, i don’t want my kids know.

  1. Their dad is 4546.2 miles away.
  2. “Malapit nang umuwi” means 1 long year of waiting game.
  3. Mommy is a cry baby and their daddy too.
  4. Working abroad means no complete attendance to school activities.
  5. Holidays will never be the same not until Daddy’s home.

But yeah, life must go on, in a good way, you may find those 5 things a bit sick especially for the kids but that’s the reality and on my part as a mother, I really tried to make things normal as much as possible. I always make them feel that mommy is here, I always make sure that I can attend to their school activities, we study at home in fun ways and we even include daddy in our daily activities. On that part, I want to give credit to my husband; He’s really doing an amazing job, he make sure that even he is miles away, they can still lean on him and he is always there for them. I guess it’s just a matter of making things possible for your love to your family. We can do it and in no time i know, we will be together again. =)

-Angelyn Lum

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