Stay At Home Mom inspiring story

When I was still single, I admire all working moms for the reason that they are earning for their family as well as they perform at home in raising their children. I thought that someday, I will also be like them.

I have worked for more than 12 years in a corporate world and now the time has come and what happened is the opposite thing.  I became a stay at home mom with two kids aged 3.5 who is a girl and 2 who is a boy.

I can now say that a stay at home mom is not an easy job. Some say that being a stay at home mom is just an easy thing like they are lazy, no income, relaxed and can do whatever they want because they are JUST staying at home the whole day and taking care of their kids.

But did you know that to be a good stay at home mom, you should possess the following qualities: patient, hardworking, multi-tasker, tolerance, responsible, flexible, understanding, time management skills, creative, cooking skills, and of course, a strong body to do all the household chores πŸ™‚ funny but these are all true based on my experience.

There are times that taking care of them is tiring and irritating, but at the end of the day I am very thankful that my whole time is invested to my children.

Until FHMOMS was introduced by a friend and I discovered many things about how to be a work at home mom (WAHM).

I’ve come to the realization that I can also try since I already have the basic requirements to start a career in this field (laptop/desktop, webcam, internet connection, headphone, printer, and scanner).

I signed up to and submitted a few application but did not received any response. Then I read something about investing in yourself that is why I decided to enroll in one the FHMOMS advance course. This course really helped me to build confidence to step forward in pursuing this new career.

Then I had a chat with my sis in law who is also working at home and asked for some tips on becoming a work at home mom. Fortunately, she told me that she is looking for someone who knows about data processing. I asked her if I can try it. She gave me a task to gauge my knowledge and luckily after I did it,  she asked me to set a skype meeting with her client.

And now I am a certified working at home mom!!! My heart is filled with happiness because I can now help my husband in our finances, not only that, I still have all my time and energy to take care of my kids. I thanked my sis in law, Rhea for introducing me to her client, to my client for giving me a chance to be part of his company, not only that, he allows me to work whenever is best for me as long as I complete the committed number of hours in a day, and to my husband who is very supportive to my new career πŸ™‚

By: Cecille Maranan

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