My Journey Being a Nurse

I remember my mom saying when I was a little girl “Anak gayahin mo mga ate mo na maging Nars, Para balang araw maka pag abroad ka”.That’s always resonated in my mind every time I go places.

I grew up in a family with seven siblings and 4 of my sisters are all nurses, I’m the second youngest. All my life they trained and paved my way to be a nurse and I’m Grateful and Blessed, I graduated without delay and started volunteering until I got my first job in our Public Health Center. 

Barangay Health Center Purok 1

While I’m working and learning the ropes of being a good nurse, I started applying to go abroad and exactly 2 yrs of working, Finally, I got lucky and fortunate enough I was hired in Saudi Arabia. In the small-town of Bisha a 350-bed capacity Tertiary Hospital, I spent my two long years of coping and adjusting to being Independent and away from my family and loved ones, but with all the trials and loneliness. I learned a different culture, taste different dishes and even learned and spoke Arabic fluently. My contract ended and went back to the Philippines.

Prince Abdullah Hospital

After three months I was immediately on my way to Singapore.A 1,100-bed capacity specializing in Children and Women Health. Every two years of my contract I get to go home for a month for a vacation to celebrate Christmas or New year or any special occasion that requires a family get together, I stayed in Singapore for four years enjoying the beautiful place and traveling the neighboring country. But I have this character, I am far more fickle-minded and always in need of new experiences, change, and variety, so off to a new adventure and country.

KK Hospital

My next stop was Oman. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go back to the Philippines but straight away went to Oman its in the Middle East, on the southeastern end of the Arabian Peninsula. It borders the United Arab Emirates. I got a job in a Military Hospital where I get to go on vacation every six months. I stayed for 5 years because I love my job and the perks I got, a free plane ticket and paid leave kept me that long.

Oman AFH Hospital

Finally Canada, I’m still a nurse and very much appreciative and grateful and forever indebted to my parents and to this profession. But I came to realize the passion for traveling will forever be my first love. Hopefully, I’ll find a way and do this full time. Right now I’m pursuing a different path from I used to, doing things that are out of my comfort zone. With perseverance, hard work and sincerely seeking guidance from God.  I think everything is possible.Plus the overwhelming support from my friends and family nothing is impossible.

BUH Hospital

By: Elvie K

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