The Genesis of A WAHM Wannabe

This is the story of how I started dreaming of taking the journey of a Work-At-Home Mom, or simply WAHM for many.

I lost my mother when I was six years old, and since then, my father has been nowhere to be found.  I am a solo child and the one who raised me was my grandmother, but last 2016, for the second time around, I lost a mother in my grandmother. She passed away due to complications of old age. In spite of all the situations I have been, I have never seen myself less than blessed. The experiences I have are constant reminders for me to always stay humble, resilient, appreciative, determined, and to always trust the Lord. And just like others, there is this dream I have ever since I was a teenager—

to have a family I can proudly call MY OWN.

Last December 2017, I got married. Oliver is my long-term boyfriend. We’ve been together for 10 years before we finally tied the knot.

The Genesis of A WAHM Wannabe
Taken at Tagaytay United Methodist Church, December 8, 2017

Every thing seemed to be going as ideal as they should be.

Come August 2018, we learned that we are pregnant. It was the best feeling! However, that happy moment turned into a worrisome one when the doctor put me to bed rest after diagnosing that mine was a high-risk pregnancy. We prayed and prayed. We diligently followed every instruction the doctor gave us, but in September 2018, we lost our baby. And that was my most heartbreaking experience.

It must have been the period when I asked the Lord the greatest number of Why’s. I tried hard to understand why it happened to me. And then in one of my quiet moments with the Lord, it was as if God said,

“Thou shall be REDIRECTED.”

I have been in the corporate world for more than a decade now. I started in a rank and file level until I reached a managerial post by God’s grace. I have been commuting via public transportation every day for 2 hours going to the office and another 2 hours going home. I might not have noticed it but my everyday work must have taken its toll on my body through the form of stress. This stress plus the anxiety brought by a series of heartbreaking moments I went through, praise God I am still sane. I thought to myself, “God must be preparing me for something really big.”

And God said to me, “A redirection it is!”

A few months ago, I stumbled upon a Facebook group of mothers who work from home. That’s FHMOMS, or Filipina Homebased Moms. I have been a silent member of the group taking advantage of every free tutorial Admin Moms are generously sharing to the group. In this group, I get to read inspirational stories as well as challenging ones which I can relate to. To be honest, with our current financial obligations, I cannot afford to lose a job. My husband and I have financial responsibilities we can fulfill if both of us have a job of our own. I am stuck between needing to take a rest so we can try to conceive and keeping a job that will help us sustain our everyday living.

I trust that the Lord planted these desires to my heart and that these desires come with His promise to fulfill.

The Genesis of A WAHM Wannabe

Right now, I have two major goals: to conceive and to find a job opportunity that will allow me to be a WAHM. I have enrolled in a course offered by FHMOMS Online University to equip myself with skills, believing that in God’s perfect time, I will be able to use these skills as I transition from a WAHM Wannabe to a full-fledged WAHM.

By: Sarah Villaflor

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