Are you a worrier like the old me?

I have recently found joy in reading the bible and started to memorize verses that I thought was just really an activity for kids however since I started this I have a better outlook and it changed my perspective.

The verses you will read here helped me live with no worries.

I have always been worried about the past things I have done. I have done things even I cannot forgive myself but with 2 Corinthians 5:17 I have known that whatever I have done in the past if you are in Christ it will all passed away you can become a new a creature, a clean slate, a blank page where you can start without any judgement.

I worried to how to deal with people, let’s admit it we at times feel ill towards people especially those who have wronged us so instead of giving in to anger and indifference I recite Galatians 5:22-23 in my head.

This is a clear guide how to treat people if the spirit (Holy Spirit) is within you this is how you should deal with other people regardless of their status, age, beliefs, gender, job etc.

Worrying a decision made and its outcome I always have Romans 8:28.

Knowing that all things will work out for good if you love God made it easier for me to face the uncertainty of every day decisions I make in life.

Worried that I can’t forgive people that have caused me pain but reading Romans 3:23 made me realize that we all have sinned and come short of the glory of God and that led me to accept any situation, forgive, and move forward than the person I am before.

There are times I worry I can’t do anything that I am weak but with verses Philippians 4:13, Luke 1:37 and Galatians 6:9I know I will have the strength to face the problems and challenges in life nothing shall be impossible we just have to hold on and not be weary for God is with me

Finally, we all experience this we worry about our everyday needs, finances and our future. Matthew 6:33 says:

I found peace in this verse. Imagine “all this things shall be added unto you” we just have to seek and follow God. Believing this makes me focus to God and continue with life without worrying about my needs and family’s needs.

And these are the verses that lead me to a worry free life. What’s yours?

Source: King James Version Bible

By: Romielyn Grace Paguirigan


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