Kaiden’s Birth Story

It’s been 2 years since I gave birth to my son – Kaiden Markus and I’d loved to share my birth story with you. Here it goes..

Finding Out

Nov. 20, 2016, I got home because I was not feeling well, I’ve noticed that I became sleepy and hungry all the time which was very unusual to me. I bought a pregnancy test kit while on my way home and I decided to take the test first thing in the morning which was my period’s due date. I woke up so early because I was excited to take the test and I didn’t want my husband to know about it yet. I went to the bathroom, took the test, then voila! IT’S POSITIVE! I showed him the test and we both proceeded to cry and laugh and cry in disbelief. We spent a good hour or two on our bed laughing and crying together as we wrapped our heads around it.

It’s a BOY!

Fast Forward to Feb. 2017 (14 weeks pregnant) I felt the unusual pain on my stomach and decided to go to the hospital, the doctor told me to go some series of tests to check if the baby is ok. We went to the Ob – Sonologist and the doctor told us that the baby is 30% boy but she was unsure since it was too early to tell. After a month, for the follow-up check-up (18 weeks pregnant) my doctor confirmed it, we were so happy to know that we’re having a son! We decided to keep it secret at first because we want our families to keep on guessing.


My pregnancy during my first trimester was hard due to nausea, I need to file a leave at my work due to my doctor’s advice. On my 2nd trimester, my legs and ankles became very swollen, and the varicose veins in my legs went a little crazy. I can also see some stretch marks on my belly. I started to gain weight and I need to reduce my sweets intake. I became very sensitive and emotional. In my 9th month, I started walking and exercising as per my family’s advice to have a normal delivery.

Due Date

My due was July 30, 2017. A day before that, we were so busy cleaning our room, then in the afternoon, we went for a bible study meeting. We prayed over me and my baby to have a safe delivery. After the meeting, I noticed light cramps on my tummy, but I didn’t tell anyone yet because I think that it might be false labor.

12mn – I noticed that pain is getting stronger, I can hardly sleep, so instead of panicking, I read articles about labor, I downloaded a contraction timer on my phone to check the pain interval and I do some squatting too.

 3am –  I know that this was active labor but I’m scared to go to the hospital yet, so I texted my doctor and told her what was happening to me, she said that it might be false labor and if I can’t bear the pain anymore I can go to the ER now. I decided to pray and wait until morning.

 8am – I decided to go to the ER, I took a bath and I saw some bloodstains on the floor and I can’t bear to stand longer anymore.

9 am – I was admitted to the hospital, and upon checking I was at 5-6cm already, we waited until it was fully dilated. I kept on praying and asking His guidance and protection every now and then. Until the pain went stronger and I can’t take it anymore, I asked for a pain reliever, they provided me but it made me very sleepy.

 12pm – My doctor came in and found out that I was ready for delivery, they transferred me to the Delivery Room, they coach me how to do the proper pushing. And with two long pushes, with the help of my doctor and nurses at 12:35 pm, July 30, 2017, my Baby Kaiden Markus was born.

The pain vanished as soon as I saw my little angel covered with blood and when I heard his first cry, my heart melts. My doctor kept saying “good job, mommy! You may rest now”, and on that cue, my eyes automatically shut. I woke up 2 hours after and the first thing that I did was to ask the nurses about my baby and told them that I want to breastfeed him. They brought my baby to me and we do the “unang yakap” and I breastfed him. At first, I found it hard to do breastfeeding since I don’t have enough milk yet but I was persistent to do it because I know that it was the best for my baby.

3pm – when they transferred me to my room, I saw through my husband’s eyes how happy and proud he was, he kissed my lips and said “congrats mommy! I love you so much”, and with that, he gave me a bouquet and a chocolate cake which is my favorite. At 6 pm, they already transferred my baby to our room we were so happy that finally, we are now complete.

We praise and thank God for everything. That was the greatest gift of all – we welcomed our son into a room full of His presence.

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