My Sweet Escape

Travel opens your HEART, broadens your MIND and fills your LIFE with stories to tell. – Paula Bendfeldt

As the famous saying, “You only live once, so enjoy life to the fullest” . Here are some of the places I visited for the past years..

Hundred Islands in Alaminos, Pangasinan

Back in 2013, My friends at work set up our first local tour. This was in Hundred Islands in Alaminos, Pangasinan. The islands compose of around 123 to 124 but not all of them are open for tourism. Among those that we visited were the Children’s Island, Quezon Island, and Governor Island. It was really a wonderful experience just enjoying nature, especially those white sand beaches, caves, and even the boat trip. I also did my first ever cliff jump. Yesss.. Believe it or not, I did it. I didn’t know where I get my courage that time, but maybe it’s because that is a once in a lifetime experience and I want to do something memorable with my visit.

Bacolod and Negros Occidental Escapades

I visited Bacolod and Negros Occidental along with my workmates in 2014. It was a 2-day tour. I was so excited because that was the first time I will travel on a plane. On our first day, We went to The Ruins, a popular tourist destination in Bacolod. After that we went to a Kansi House. According to the locals, kansi is the Ilonggo version of bulalo, a Filipino dish. We also went to John Paul II Tower, it’s like a mini-museum commemorating the late Pope John Paul II. After that we went to Mambukal Resort in Murcia Negros Occidental. 

On our second day, we continued exploring the beauty of the place. We went mountain trekking, we also went to what they called, The Seven Falls, We enjoyed the Boating Lagoon, the zip line, and of course, the Sulfur Dipping Pool. This is one of my favorite and unforgettable trips.

White Beach, Puerto Galera 

Another unforgettable experience was my tour in Puerto Galera in 2017. Along with my call center teammates, we decided to continue the plan before the summer is over. It was also a two-day and two-night tour, good thing that we have two days rest day. Despite that its weekdays, there still lots of visitors when we arrived. We enjoyed dining at seaside, watching the fire dance and taking selfies and groupies. The next day, we got up early to go to the market for our food and necessities. After that, we enjoyed the white sand beach along with the heat of the sun. We also bought Puerto Galera T-shirts, scarves, and other souvenirs. One thing that we missed is the mountain trekking for Tamaraw Falls.

Subic Beach

In mid-2018, my hubby’s college friends set up our Subic Tour. Subic is one of the most popular and favorite summer destinations in the country. We, specially the kids enjoyed the boat ride and island hopping. It’s really a relaxing experience being with your friends and families on a trip after a very long tiring week.

Left: Kids were enjoying the early morning playtime; Upper Right: Aiah loved the fine sand under the sun; Lower Right: I guess these gentlemen were relieving the moment of their childhood.

Bataan Beach

On October 2018, my Team, Shadowcat along with the Team Juggernaut had our Team Building in Bataan Beach. I can say that this is my most favorite and unforgettable Team Building experience. It was better than awesome. We have to ride a boat to go to our destination. Actually it was just at the other side of Bataan that cannot be reached by land. There’s no electricity that’s why we have to make a bonfire. No network reception as well.  You will enjoy the starry night in a province life, the one that we don’t have in the city.

The beach is beautiful, the water is very clear, you can even see the small fishes swim right next to you. We even have a trekking nearby. We have another boat ride to go to other beaches. And another unforgettable experience was having my second cliff jump. It was a 40 meter deep cliff jump. And what’s fascinating, I did jump.. not once but TWICE. Yes! Twice. Enjoying the moment while I can..

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