How I Started My Life As A Virtual Assistant

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

 It all started in 2012 when my close friend’s online client needed an associate, so she invited me to work with her.  My first reaction when she offered me the job was, “I’m sorry, but I don’t have internet or laptop.”.
Do you understand the feeling of having nothing to use to start even with an old desktop or someone to borrow with? Sigh.

The Challenges

Life was hard back then when it was just a few months after giving birth to my only son in C-section. Both financial and physical struggle was real since I still can’t go back to host parties and events, my line of work at that time. And while I’m still having pains from the surgery and my body was not yet ready, I did not accept bookings.  The more eagerness I wanted to get the job, to earn passively and flexibly, the pressure and stress rose.

The challenges raised when my friend encouraged me to find a way to get started with the job A-S-A-P.  With nothing to start, it was hard. I remember I tried asking some friends If I can borrow their laptop, but there was no luck. 

Let me show you first some pics of my little ‘miracle baby’ boy…

My angels

A few days later, I got a chance to talk with a good neighbor and asked if they have a computer at home, told them about my situation, how glad I was when they said ‘YES’ and also offered me to use their PC without hesitation. Can you feel how happy I was? Inside, I was jumping for joy!

Gladly, I was still staying with my mom and siblings. So having someone to take care of my son when I needed to work away wasn’t so hard. And also, I didn’t have a problem when it comes to his milk since I was not breastfeeding, being a milk formula baby was not bad at all. (would that be another good topic to write about?).

Meet some of my family members…

Finally, I landed my first online job, I started working part-time collecting information for the given category used for blogs and some other tasks and get paid with a dollar cent, I get a total of about $60-120 a month. Not bad for a beginner considering I didn’t have any experience.  
I continued working in a cafe after I got my first pay for 15 days. It lasted for almost a year. After that, we rented a personal computer from an uncle, and another uncle gave his second-hand laptop.  And if you’re asking about my internet? I only used pocket wifi when it was not so hard to use one back then. Isn’t that amazing! 

Since then and on, I worked fulltime with the same client until August 2018, ofcourse, the salary was higher and the work upgraded to SMM (Social Media Manager). I learned so many things and new skills. Because this offered me lots of opportunities, I practiced it to work with other clients also. Within those years I have been in 4 clients. I didn’t just get to buy my new laptop and desktop, but I was able to send my sister to college, helped her until she graduated.

I’m still working as a Pinterest Manager but with a different client. I’m able to send my son to a private school. And so many great things happened since then.
I didn’t regret working as a VA and Freelancer, since working online I didn’t just found great paying jobs to make a better living, but also, there’s a wide range of opportunities and knowledge to make a better me. Let me not forget to mention working at the convenience of my home together with my family. I’m able to give my son the time he needs upon growing up. 

The things I learned from this journey

Each one of us has different stories to tell, but I know we all have some common goals, which is to work hard and to give the best for our families and loved ones. No matter what we went thru and we are going thru, we will face it with courage and full determination just for them. 
First is to, never get discouraged if you don’t have any means.  Always look on the positive side. Stay positive;
If there’s a will, there’s way. You just have to find it;
Work with the best you can and trust yourself;
Always be grateful to the people around and to our Almighty;
Pray and have faith, Believe.

Thanks to my friend who was an angel, an instrument to change my life. I’m glad I have them in my life. Can you say you have an angels around you?

I have tons of other things to share with you
– About what it’s like to be a VA.
– What it is like to work at home.
– About my new work, Pinterest Specialist.
– And, what are the skills and tools I have learned from all those years, and other kinds of stuff?
Looking forward to sharing another great story and topic to write. 

Thanks for reading and see you on my next blog! 

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