The cheapest Ukay-Ukay in Taguig

by Andrea D.

Do you think you can live without clothes? Of course not, that’s why clothing is included from the 5 basic needs of a human. When we talk about apparel, Divisoria and Baclaran are one of our best choices but we wanted a quality yet branded clothes so “Ukay-Ukay” is on the top of the line.

We all know that Filipinos loved to be fashionable when it comes to clothing but when we talk about fashion they would think about where to buy? So the first thing comes to their mind is – Let’s go to the Ukay-Ukay store!

One of the characteristics of Filipinos is that they are known to be a penny-pincher. Perhaps most of us but not all. Thanks to our neighboring countries for their generosity so Filipinos could make a profit out of it.

New Arrival| The Bargain hunters

I can’t deny that I am one of the biggest fans of thrift shops. From clothes, bags, shoes, bed covers, stuffed toys except for undies (of course, mine is SO-EN) most of my things comes from Ukay-Ukay. Why? I like the quality of it (some are original and made of good materials) than those from the 2 places that I mentioned before, agree? And it is way much cheaper yet good. No wonder why we love to spend money on SM stores, I mean (Segunda Mano) stores.

Busy people love to sift through

While hunting down the cheapest Ukay-Ukay in Taguig (I lived all my life here) I found this small store along Sampaloc extension, South Signal Village near Recuenco Medical Center (you might want to drop-by as well) they all have the apparels from ladies to men’s wear, teens wear, shoes, bags and beddings. I am amused! Because they can fit all of the kinds of stuff in this small store and they have a fitting room too!

I asked the chubby sales lady about the prices and the schedule of new arrival/sale, here’s what I got:

For new Arrival ( Every Friday) opens at 8am

Blouses ₱35
T-shirts ₱50
Square Pants ₱75
Denim sexy shorts ₱50
Cotton sexy shorts ₱35
Men’s Pants (class A) ₱150-500*
Ladies tattered pants (class A) ₱75-180*
Denim Jackets (men and ladies) ₱100
Cotton shorts (men’s) ₱75
Bags ₱35-350*
Bed covers, blankets, fleece, comforter ₱75-350*
Shoes ₱200-500*

*note: depends on the quality, brand, size but according to the sales lady, prices vary most on the quality of the items. That means you can haggle over the quality (since it is a secondhand item, expect that some are in a shabby condition)

Actual pic of “AshGelo Ukay-Ukay”
This is what it looks like during new arrival

They have markdowns of up to 20 percent every two days and on the last day sale (that is every Friday morning) that is the PISO sale (so you think that Cebu Pacific could only have the PISO FAIR, huh!).

I asked the owner if they still have a profit on the last day sale and he answered “Yes, from the first day of new arrival he already got the rate of return on invested capital (maybe on the other term, he got his profit) I also found out that most of their customers on the last day sale are SEWERS. They are making rags out of the PISO sale clothes. (Wow! That’s why entrepreneurs are a big help to our economy).

You might want to check out and visit their stores. They have 3 branches in Taguig. The store name is “AshGelo Ukay-Ukay”.

  1. 32 Magsaysay St. North Signal Village Taguig – this is along the road, a small market in Magsaysay St.
  2. 74 Gen. Espino St. Central Signal Village Taguig – along the road, beside Tinkerbell School
  3. Sampaloc Ext. North Signal village Taguig – near Recuenco Medical Center

They are open from Monday to Sunday, from 8am to 7pm.

It’s not what you’re wearing, It’s the way you wear it.

-Pharrell Williams

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