Path to Virtual Profession

My first ever try of educating myself with regards to the online job was with Jomar Hilario, I was caught by his email marketing because I was a follower of Bo Sachez. I still remember when I replied to one of their messages, I asked if their course applies to all newbies, and they said yes, and they emailed me every day and their messages were so enticing that made me purchased the Date with Freedom, worth 14,000 pesos. So started studying but it was so overwhelming for me as a newbie to have those tools right in front of me. I can still remember when I attended the summit in a hotel somewhere in Pasig, I enjoyed dancing the just dance tune, I witness some successful professional who gave their testimonial, and at end of the summit, we were given assignments and tools to choose from according to what niche we are about to choose. One of our assignments is to make a tutorial of tools related to our niche, and that’s when I started doing the Trello tutorial. I explored different kinds of tools including MailChimp, Evernote, Tumbler, Mad Mimi, Zapier, Slacks, Asana and many more, I experienced information overload not knowing where and how I can apply it in landing a job, until my mother’s condition worsens, where I monitored her vital signs and feed her via NGT (nasogastric tubing) every 4 hours, it takes so much of my time where I neglected my intention and plan of working online.

stressed businesswoman looks laptop

It was started way back year 2015 when a friend of mine mentioned about virtual assistance job, I was curious about it since I stayed at home taking care of my ill mother who has a Parkinson and Alzheimer’s disease and in addition to my duties are taking care of my two young children and two grandchildren of which one is still an infant. While staying at home for so long, I was thinking of something I can do to earn an income that suffices our financial needs besides my husband earnings and my sister’s support.

The year 2018 my mother died, which made me so depressed, miserable and so lonely, but instead of prolonging my misery, I decided to get active and pursue my plan to be an online freelancer. And once again, I was enticed to enroll in Nix Eniego’s course in SMA, I like the content of their course but it’s quite so advanced for me, but still, I am visiting their site once in while the same with Jomar, since it’s lifetime access.

Last year I discovered FHMOM group and eventually enrolled in their advanced courses one after another, like Lead Generation and Data Entry Course with Mommy Angelica, second, Appointment Setting with Mommy Richie, third Social Media Management and Marketing with Mommy Janelle, fourth Photo and Video Editing with brand Marketing with Mommy KT, and the most recent was with Mommy Christine VA Training. I learned a lot from their courses, Last December I was part of the LinkedIn prospecting course which is not included in the FHMOM courses. I also joined several groups which I think can help with my journey and pick every important detail from them. And it is so amazing to have a support group with the same niche, where we can exchange ideas on how to enhance our knowledge.

Realizations: Attending courses have a very strong factor in getting prepared for a freelancing job, they are very important for people like me because it helps in boosting confidence in applying for jobs and facing interviews with future clients. What we learned from our coaches are weapons or tools that we can use to land our dream job. But remember at the end of the day no matter what courses we had taken, it is within us that pushes our passion and enthusiasm to work online. It is within us that knows what we can do and what needs to be done to enhance our ability and knowledge in this kind of field. Maybe you will ask how about you, have you land a job? well, not yet because I am still in the stage where I am discovering what my niche that matches my passion where I can work happily and enjoying what I am doing, as saying goes, when you are happy with what you are working, it feels like not working at all.

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.


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